Travel News Digest Thursday 25 February

For the information of those gathered to spend their holidays in Sochi: if you think that vacant rooms will be waiting for you until the summer, you seem to be mistaken. In support of this, we cite observations from the director of the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov: 80% of places in good sanatoriums and boarding houses have already been sold out for March-April. How it happened and what does Abkhazia have to do with it – read the link.


News for those who live with children in Moscow or are going to visit non-rubber. Amusement park “Dream Island” dropped the prices for entrance tickets and now offers to pay for each carousel separately instead of the expensive but usual unlimited. In social networks, they calculated: an attraction of unheard-of generosity can lighten a parent’s pocket by ten thousand.


While tourists are calculating prices for holidays in Russia this summer, the government is alarmed: the ministries do not agree on the spending of 629 billion rubles on the national project “Tourism”… But this money has big plans. They should pour a life-giving rain on domestic tourism and double-triple the harvest of tourists in the most promising regions. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko is angry: he was ordered to finish everything within three days.


We cannot please those who look longingly towards Europe. Everything is deaf there. So much so that the Czech resort of Karlovy Vary, according to local reviews, has turned into a ghost town, and the national airline Chezh Airlines threatens to fire all of his employees. By the way, this does not threaten our carriers yet. And that’s why.

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By the way, S7 after Aeroflot announces more and more flights to Europe. Even in a pandemic, there is someone to take to Naples and Sicily.


In conclusion, two pieces of news from the series “You will not wish on the enemy.” The daughter of a pensioner from Magnitogorsk who disappeared in Zanzibar received a call from Interpol: they are looking for a Russian, but, apparently, he drowned.

And in Bali, a girl from Russia has been in prison for 50 days because of the announcement of a party on Instagram. Take care of yourself!

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