Where can a tourist rest in Russia for the benefit of body and soul?

Autumn is the best time to travel to a good SPA hotel or sanatorium. The experts of the tour operator ALEAN analyzed the most frequent requests of tourists for the velvet period and made their own short list of “healthy” places where you can usefully spend your time.

Detox and weight loss

Tourists have different requests, but there is one for the ages: “Where and how to lose weight?” We reveal the main cards.

Revital Park 4 * (Moscow region)
In the sanatorium-clinic, traditional medicine is skillfully mixed with non-traditional, therapeutic fasting and detox nutrition are practiced. Those who fall in weight and spirit can additionally be sent on a five-day SPA trip with exotic massages and baths.

Siberia»4 * (Tyumen)
This is not just a sanatorium, but a real Academy of a healthy lifestyle, which, even in a short time, will turn any person into a real “fitonyashka”. Among the chips are a separate table with PP, individual training programs, an outdoor thermal pool with mineral water, a fashionable SPA complex, acupuncture and unique sapropel mud from the ecologically clean Tulubaevo lake. Delicate skin without toxins guaranteed!

“Rus” 4 * (Essentuki)
The “Detox” program with a specialized list of medical research allows you to provide a comprehensive cleansing of the body with a gradual elimination of harmful substances and toxins, which leads to the rapid restoration of all body systems. It aims to help set up the right eating habits or correct existing ones, as well as improve the overall health of the body. The result will be an improvement in physical well-being and positive changes in appearance.

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Programs to restore and strengthen immunity

Special programs that combine the development of modern medicine and the effect of natural healing factors will tone up, provide powerful support to the immune system and have a positive effect on the quality of life.

Altai castle»3 * (Belokurikha)
Altai is love from the first trip, and Belokurikha beckons with thermal springs rich in nitrogen and silicon, as well as containing an optimal amount of radon, drinking water, medicinal mud and maral breeding products.

“Spring” (Anapa)
The multidisciplinary “Rodnik” in its treatment programs focuses on a variety of balneological procedures, apparatus medicine and drinking therapy. On the territory of the sanatorium there are three sources of mineral water, there is a salt room.

“Poltava” (Saki, Crimea)
A unique therapeutic mud resort with stunning natural factors. Energy is drawn here from air, water and earth. Highly mineralized silt sulphide mud of the Saki Lake has no analogues in the world. And the mineral water and brine of the Saki resort will support the immune system until the next visit.


Insomnia is a global problem for the inhabitants of megacities. And if you are trying to get a week’s sleep on weekends, take sleeping pills, experience a constant feeling of fatigue, you urgently need to take care of your sleep. Our expert top list of the most sleepy sanatoriums.


Ust-Kachka»(Perm Territory) is a member of the AMAKS Hotels & Resorts group
Expected effect: reduction or disappearance of clinical manifestations – 85–98%, improvement of general well-being up to 94%. The Ust-Kachka resort is a real “city of health”. As many as 7 sanatoriums, the picturesque bank of the Kama River with fountains, wonderful parks, beaches and pine air that you want to take with you. Belonging to a well-known Russian chain guarantees a serious medical and diagnostic base, excellent food, European service.

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Arctic»3 * (Sochi)
Expected effect: reduction of anxiety, irritability, improvement of sleep, increase of vitality, normalization of general well-being.

The best sanatorium in Sochi in 2017. For those suffering from insomnia, there is an advanced 7-day Antistress program. There are few procedures, but they are all perfected to the smallest detail and guarantee a sound sleep, like a baby. Long walks through our own arboretum, sea baths on the beach of the highest category, a thermal complex, a water park and a gastronomic cluster of restaurants and cafes are a pleasant stress.

“Sanatorium named after Vorovsky” (Yaroslavl region)
You can sleep soundly in central Russia, especially for those who are contraindicated to dramatically change the climate and time zones. The oldest health resort is located near the springs of healing mineral waters in a quiet forest corner 6 kilometers from the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. Therapeutic factors: the freshest air of the Darwin Biosphere Reserve, thermal therapy, author’s massages, phyto- and halotherapy.

“Mashuk Aqua-Therm” 4 * (Zheleznovodsk)

The leader of the rating “Top-10 best health resorts of the Caucasus” with a stellar veil. Celebrities love to be here. In the presence of a powerful medical base, own “Italian Baths”, green area of ​​12.5 hectares. The Sleep Improvement program combines the capabilities of hardware and alternative medicine with an effective effect on the body of natural healing factors. A positive result is achieved in more than 80% of patients.

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