Having studied the desires of customers, Krasnaya Polyana Resort prepares counter offers

Experts of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort conducted a customer survey and learned how the needs of tourists vacationing in Russia have changed during the pandemic. Tourists are ready and willing to rediscover the country. And this means that specialists should fill the guests’ rest with new impressions to the maximum, clearly falling into the needs of the target audience. Olga Filipenkova, Director for Strategic Development of Krasnaya Polyana Resort, shared the details with HotLine.travel readers. The material will be useful to all specialists who want to work effectively in the field of domestic tourism.

How domestic tourism will change in 2021

To begin with, I will describe the key trends that shape the product and promotion objectives of the resort. And then I’ll tell you what innovations we are already planning at the resort.

Trend 1. Missed impressions want to return. Tourists who, due to the pandemic, could not rest in Russia in 2020, are planning to travel in 2021 with a vengeance. According to our estimates, there may be even more such delayed trips than planned.

Trend 2. Spontaneous booking will continue. Tourists are preparing for travel, but do not want to pay for them to a greater depth, fearing the cancellation of trips for reasons beyond their control. This trend, which began in 2020, will continue in 2021.

Trend 3. The price of the trip and the value of new experiences Are two factors that will determine the choice of a vacation destination in 2021. Tourists are no longer very interested in going just to the sea. They want to discover Russia by gaining new and interesting experience. The way of learning can be local gastronomy, history or something else that attracts certain tourists. At the same time, they want to stay within their budget.

Trend 4. Loyalty to proven holiday destinations is falling. This item is related to the previous one. Tourists are waiting for new discoveries. If earlier they traveled, for example, to Sochi, now they are ready to consider other directions. As a result, the previously almost invisible competition between tourist offers from different regions of Russia will intensify.

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Trend 5. Tourists need transparency in relations with service providers: carriers and hotels. By this I mean the ability to change the date of travel, etc. This factor is becoming increasingly important.

Trend 6. Tourists want all the information and book online. For example, on our website, a client can choose a hotel and then also additional services: in particular, guide services, equipment rental, etc., which makes it possible to better plan the travel budget. In response to the desire of tourists to have all the information at hand, we will continue to develop the mobile application, filling it with a convenient purchase format, interactive and service functions for those who are already at the resort.

Trend 7. The portrait of tourists is changing. For example, during the New Year holidays, about 40% of our clients came to Krasnaya Polyana Resort for the first time. We also received companies of VIP tourists who ordered 5-6 rooms. It was a real challenge for us in terms of service and quality, but the survey showed that, on the whole, we did it: the guests saw that there are high-level services in Russia. More than half of these clients are ready to return to us.

New types of tourists have appeared. If earlier the resort focused on three target audiences: hedonists, families and active youth, then by the end of 2020, about 10 more new niche target audiences were identified. These are digital nomads, insta bloggers, ecosexuals, etc.

The resort’s marketing strategy for 2021 was formed taking into account current trends and, of course, new niche audiences.

To each according to his needs

Krasnaya Polyana Resort has several proven product leaders. The winter one is called “Ride and Rest”: it is accommodation in a selected resort hotel plus a ski pass. Summer – “Recharge the energy of the mountains” – includes a huge amount of entertainment in the summer. Our seasonal offer, Bright Holidays, is for parents with children during school holidays. And finally, “Mountain Detox” is aimed mainly at the female audience: it is a reboot of the body, including yoga classes and spa treatments.

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As we have identified for ourselves new niche customer audiences with their own needs, products that meet these needs will also appear.

For example, consider an audience of digital nomads. These are those who went to warm countries for the winter and worked there remotely. Since last year, such tourists have been actively traveling across Russia, we see an increased demand for long-term accommodation. In this regard, by the summer of 2021, a concept will appear in some hotels of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort Workation… It will be possible to come with a family and stay in a room with fast Wi-Fi, space and additional equipment for Zoom conferences.

Another example – instagram tourists… On vacation, it is important for them to be able to take beautiful photos that gain a lot of likes on social networks. In the Dolina 960 hotel, we opened an infinity pool for the winter season and introduced the insta-butler service into the concept. This is an employee who knows all the attractive shooting points and helps the guests to find their way. For example, a photo can be made so that the mountain peaks rise beautifully directly from the water surface. The offer became popular and the hotel quickly became one of the top occupancy leaders during the winter. After all, many tourists believe that if they did not post a beautiful photo from their vacation on Instagram, then there was no vacation.

Now we are planning to add butler-tested insta-points to the resort map and thereby extend the successful experiment to the entire territory.

The category of eco-tourism tourists, who are focused on environmentally friendly recreation close to nature, has also clearly emerged. These are lovers of yoga, meditation, who now also travel around Russia and are looking for interesting places to conduct their practices. For them we will offer a package “Ecotourism”, including trekking. Our guide will guide guests along the route, tell about nature: there are many unique plants around the national park. The level of load during such walks depends on the composition of the participants: there are both complex options that are suitable for athletes, and light, feasible for people of “silver age”.

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We also felt that some tourists want to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the place where they come. This request is expressed in the desire to feel a connection with the nature and traditions of the region, while limiting contact with the outside world. We are preparing a package for such tourists “Romance of the Mountains”, the filling of which will help such an immersion: contemplation of beauty, refusal of a smartphone, food made from local products, mountain herbal teas, a complex of wellness procedures in the medical center of the resort.

Another new product – “Gastro-tourism”… We see that tourists are ready to travel for delicious food. And although we have 50 restaurants with 20 world cuisines at the resort, there was no separate offer for gourmets before. We plan to fix this – to put together a weekend tour and include interesting gastronomic places there. For example, in our restaurant of local cuisine “Kashtan” you can try cream soup from Krasnaya Polyana chestnuts with scallops or chestnut mousse with hazelnut praline. And, of course, there are local wines worth tasting. There are also opportunities for conducting culinary master classes in our new Italian restaurant ROMA, located in the family-run hotel Panorama.

In my opinion, in tourism you need to feel and understand the needs of a tourist, then all your proposals will definitely find their guest!

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