Many Crimean hotels are already “on the stop” in June, in July and August, too, quite a lot of places are occupied. This was reported to Profi.Travel by local hoteliers and tour operators on March 17. Moreover, according to them, such a situation had developed even before the start of the cashback program, which was launched that night.

Such excitement could not but affect the cost of rest. According to representatives of hotels, over the year, rates increased from 10% to 70% at peak dates – depending on the occupancy of a particular facility and whether it has a fixed or dynamic pricing. Tourist business professionals note that prices for the latter may decrease, even during the season, if demand falls, which, however, no one predicts so far. And for those whose prices are fixed, even 10% can become a significant increase in the room price, since last summer they also increased, and for a number of placements – significantly.

“Now in June there are already a lot of hotels on the stop, we have suspended cooperation with tour operators. Moreover, if last year tourists were careful and were afraid to buy in advance, then this early booking is just great. Prices depend on accommodation facilities: there are those where the growth was 70% compared to last year, it all depends on the occupancy – the fewer rooms left, the higher the prices. Of course, there are also offers for an early booking promotion: some hotels, upon application before April 1, give a 10% discount, the closer the check-in date, the lower the discount. We also count on cashback, the third stage of which has just started, but the travelers booked without waiting for it, which can be seen from the download, ”she shared with Profi.Travel Oksana Zyulkovskaya, head of the sales department of the tour operator “Redi-Rest”

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Director of Donna Rosa Hotel Oksana Bondar She also spoke about the high demand for the summer: “Our hotel with 68 rooms for June is already under the eyeballs, July is almost the same, there are still places for the May holidays. In the off-season, there is very little reservation, but we do not close ourselves, we take care of the staff, with whom there are big problems in Crimea, there are very few professionals, which is why the service suffers. At this time and prices are very low, and in the high season they increased by 10% compared to last year. There are still good offers for the velvet season. “

Crimea’s sanatoriums and children’s camps are also well loaded, experts say, despite the fact that there are limitations there: PCR tests are needed in the sanatorium, and large groups of children from distant regions, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, cannot be taken to the camps. … Nevertheless, there is no threat of quarantine for those who come for a wellness holiday, since repeated tests are not done on the spot. As for the camps, the parents themselves bring their children there, in addition, it is possible to gather small groups, for example, sports sections, etc.

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