An invented story from the life of a pilot

Airbus A320 pilot of one of the Russian airlines Yuri Yashin blog on Instagram and shares interesting stories in it. We publish one of them with the permission of the author.

We drove here just now to Tolmachevo. This is in Novosibirsk. Excellent, I must say, they drove them. If not for one but. After the final count of passengers, there were one more passengers. The guys counted again – more. Once more, more again. You can’t fly. Who is this incognito? God knows. “Let’s check the boarding?” – suggested the representative. We all have. It is very strange, but nevertheless it is impossible to fly – according to documents from the airport there are one fewer passengers than in fact. I had to make an announcement, they say, this and that, we cannot fly, the airport offers to return to the terminal and once again go to the plane through the automatic checkpoint. Siberians – guys, as a rule, understand and without much indignation went through this procedure again, and it turned out that the error crept in precisely in these automatic gates, which did not count one passenger. As it happens. This is my first time in practice. We apologized again and flew.

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