Travel News Digest for Sunday 11 October

The main question that the travel business professionals are now occupied with is how to hold out until spring and whether there are prerequisites for this. The uncertain situation with the opening of air links with countries, the deterioration in the incidence rate of COVID-19, as well as the decline in the paying capacity of tourists actually put an end to early booking. Now the depth of sales in travel agencies is no more than a week. It is impossible to calculate when this period will end. Read more here.


One hope is to open new foreign destinations and expand the geography of Russian cities, from where it will be possible to fly abroad. Krasnoyarsk has recently been added to their list. On Sunday, the local airport published a schedule of foreign flights in several directions at once, in particular to Turkey, the UAE, Thailand, Vietnam. But so far there is certainty only in Antalya. Vietnam and Thailand are still on the list of destinations closed to Russian tourists. At the moment, only national carriers have official permits for departures to Dubai Aeroflot and Emirates


For those who are now going to the UAE, information about the rules for entering the country will be interesting. So, all arriving passengers must pass tests 2 times – before departure (no earlier than 96 hours before boarding the flight) and upon arrival. It became known in which emirates you can get tested for free.


It will also be interesting to read the continuation of the history of a tourist who left negative reviews about a hotel in Thailand.

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In order not to end up behind bars, he had to give up his words. The hotel and the tourist have found a compromise.

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