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One of the main topics in tourism remains the consequences of restricting air traffic with Turkey. So, in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the offices of the airline Turkish Airlines On April 15, huge queues of passengers lined up, wishing to get an explanation – how can they get their money back for burnt tickets?


Another pressing question – is there an alternative to the popular direction? Most of the survey participants in the Krysha TourDoma telegram channel agree to go on vacation to “any available beach abroad” or are ready to wait for June 2, when Turkish resorts should become available again. But trips to Russia are still not very attractive for readers.


Nevertheless, it is not clear: will domestic resorts be able to accommodate everyone? TUI Russia CEO Taras Demura is sure not. Therefore, it is urgent to open charter flights with Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia and Greece.


Perhaps the most controversial alternative to tourists was offered by one of the Russian TV channels. Instead of Turkey, the Russians were advised to take a vacation in Moscow. The video with the recommendation caused a negative reaction from viewers who are not ready to exchange the sea for the Moskva River.


Tour operators also have to resolve the issues that have arisen with tourists not leaving Turkey. On this background RF government extended the cancellation of contributions to the reserve fund for outbound tourism companies “Tourist assistance” and reduced the amount of contributions to the personal liability fund. Read more in our material.

Another topic under discussion is the change in the rules for the return of Russians from abroad. Recall that from April 15, citizens who returned to Russia must take a PCR test even if they entered by ground transport. The decision called into question the excursion to Abkhazia. But later, an explanation appeared – the new rules do not apply to our citizens crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border in any direction and for any period.


Several news came from the site of the annual Open Crimea forum. For example, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic Vadim Volchenko reported that the increase in the cost of recreation on the peninsula is not significant. According to him, prices in many hotels are lower than in 2019, and the rise in price is noticeable only in high-category accommodation facilities. Why hotels with 4-5 stars are becoming more expensive in Crimea, the honorary president told RST Sergey Shpilko


In conclusion, let’s touch on the news regarding the EU countries. The Greek authorities decided to cancel mandatory quarantine upon arrival for tourists, including Russians, from April 19. To enter, you will need to present a negative PCR test result or a vaccination certificate. Portugal is also planning to cancel quarantine for foreigners for the summer season.


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