26-27 May in hybrid format passed PATA ATCM 2021 Asia Pacific’s leading b2b event for the adventure travel industry. Profi.Travel acted as a media partner of the event and collected for you the main theses of the program.

Welcome address from the Ministry of Tourism of the Philippines
Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Department of Tourism of the Philippines

Adventure tourism is becoming a global tourism trend, and travelers will shift more and more attention to him. This is what the organizers of ATCM 2021 think – Asia Pacific Travel Association PATA and Department of Tourism of the Philippines. IN In May, they brought together international industry experts to explore nuances, trends and dynamics of one fastest growing tourism sectors.

The full program of the event can be found here, but bye meet key messages delivered at round tables and in conference discussions.

  • IN chasing successful marketing solutions to destinations not we should forget about managing them… For example, in some destinations it is important to set the maximum bandwidth. Philippines learned this lesson back in 2018 year when on six months for them had to close the island of Boracay.

  • IN China there is a growing trend in disposable income among the younger generation, it is the most promising market for adventure tourism. International travel, extreme tourism and “Experience tourism” for Chinese youth Is a way to demonstrate your well-being and status.

  • IN the same time in Malaysia the main segment of travelers enjoys quieter adventures: camping and hiking. Going out on this market, travel brands must remember that the price of tours can be a major obstacle due to world exchange rates.

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Round table about tourist demand of a new generation of travelers Adventurers with experts from Adventure Tourism, Perspective China, Sticky Rice Travel and Snow Leopard Adventures.

  • Indian tourists may be less decisive in regarding extreme recreation and adventure, due to the family factor (fears of family members). This barrier can be weakened by growing incomes of the population and The Bollywood effect, when young travelers are inspired by what is happening in Indian films.

  • Trend on culinary guides and food catalogs in Asia is gradually subsiding. International experts recommend that destinations focus on unique selling propositionsable to give travelers emotions and memories, and also work more carefully with tourists who have already visited the region and might want to come back.

  • 65% of tourists want to see the real change that will allow them feel in more securitybefore they start traveling again. That is why the directions and travel brands should openly share these efforts with clients.

Sprint Presentations from experts from The World Food Travel Association, Chemonics International,
Tripadvisor and
The Travel Foundation.

  • IN fight for The “rich” tourist destination may face economic losses. Not it is worth building your product for a specific tourist, it is better to start from advantages of your area, infrastructure and opportunities of the local community.

  • FROM economically, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected destinations disproportionate to: small islands hit hardest… Although many of they have succeeded with From a public health point of view (thanks to completely closed borders), tourism has stopped there completely, as the domestic tourism market is almost non-existent.

  • One of the most difficult tasks in achieving sustainable development of destinations Is a change in thinking: it is important to move from short-term planning from season to the season to long-term, with in-depth analysis and forecasting

  • Respect for nature should become a reference point in tourism in in general: plans of the tourist community, its decisions and developments. This will bring excellent and long-term results.

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Hybrid ATCM Sessions 2021 available on platform of the event before 25 June or on YouTube channel PATA in any time.

Pacific Asia Travel Association:
Unit B1, 28th Floor, Siam Piwat Tower, 989 Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand;
[email protected];
+66 (02) 658-2000;

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