The director of the travel agency responded to the suspicions of customers

Travel agent Evgeniya Varkentina resting these days in the Maldives, but writes in social networks not only about the beauties of nature. On June 14, she posted an emotional post, calling it “The Naked Truth, or How Travel Agents Travel to the Maldives at the Expense of Tourists Who Did Not Fly to Turkey.” This is a bitter irony, because in reality everything is not so.

More bought – more buns

At the beginning of the post, Evgenia gives a summary of the conversation with the client, from which the reason for the publication is clear. ““ Varkentina is in the Maldives !!! … ”- the person who did not buy the tour from me pointedly hinted to the person who bought and did not fly away. This story made me angry, ”the author writes.

In the following lines, she explains how she ended up in the Maldives.

“Many hotels have bonus systems, and when a travel agent sells one hundred and fifty thousand million nights to this particular hotel, he can go for free! IN NON-SEASON! Through their sales by buying yourself a ticket. But this is how any business works, the more you buy from a supplier of goods, the more buns you have, the cost is lower, the bonus is higher, and gifts.


No money

Further, Evgenia offers to figure out where the money of the non-flown tourists has gone. Travel agencies do not delay payments at home. Due to the difference in rates, there is a high risk of losing the entire commission, so the funds are immediately transferred to the tour operator. He, in turn, buys blocks of places in hotels and airlines in advance, so that the price of the tour package in the end turns out to be more attractive than with self-booking.

“In fact, neither travel agents nor tour operators have money for tourists in a particular mass of one tour,” Yevgenia concludes. And he continues the logical chain of reasoning – there is nothing to offer to replace Turkey. She lists the countries with which flights have been resumed and explains what is wrong. For example, it is officially allowed to transport tourists to Greece only from Moscow to Athens, there are few flights, the ticket price is 80 thousand. The situation is similar with Egypt. Tunisia can only be reached on cargo and passenger flights, which the Federal Air Transport Agency prohibits for tourist purposes.


“Hold on, we are with you”

According to Evgenia, many tourists still “call and take out the brain” of managers, bring them to tears, claiming that travel agents twist and twist their money, demand to return it and threaten with courts. “Turn on your brain, gentlemen! Well, they need to move first. Until now, no money from our tourists has been lost, most have rebooked and flew away, some are waiting for a return by government decree until 31.12.2021, ”Evgenia addresses readers.

For those who want to fly to Turkey and other resort countries as soon as possible, she suggests contacting the government: “Maybe they will pay attention to us and they will give us a normal job and everyone the opportunity to go on vacation for reasonable money.”

In conclusion, she gives an example, from which it follows that the travel agent can return the prepayment for the failed tour only after the tour operator does it.

“We do not return our money, no matter how small, because operators often return money to the direct account of the tourist!” – Evgenia explains her position.

She writes that she greatly appreciates the work of her employees, who since last year have been forced to respond to the claims of tourists, despite the stream of insults and even threats: “They silently did their job, waited for instructions from Rostourism, ate valerian and endlessly explained, rebooked, called, wrote to operators, hotels, airlines. And some applications will be rebooked for the third time for free ”. However, it is clear from the circulation that some tourists appreciated the care, carried flowers and said: “Hold on, we are with you!”

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