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The domestic resort market is not rich in premium hotels. And many of them are criticized. The main problems: prices do not correspond to the level of service, hotels overstate the price tag without investing in development. Nevertheless, there are landmark objects in the tourist business that are trusted. The editors have collected opinions of travel agents about the Alean Family Resort Collection.

As if I came home

Pershina Victoria

“TOUR CLUB” (Orenburg)

We have been working with the Alean group for a long time, and it already looks like a relationship of good relatives. Especially now they are showing a lot of patience in the face of COVID and doing a lot of work. The head of the chain, Andrey Umansky, managed to assemble a strong team that is able to withstand a high level of service in the chain of hotels, to package the product in such a way that the brand characteristics and style can be traced in each hotel. We are calm for tourists, we are confident in the quality of services. It is still convenient for us to cooperate, because they have introduced a supervising system – due to this, feedback works great.

I myself was very lucky to feel the service of the Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville in Anapa. They are greeted there, as if she had returned home, sincerely and warmly. The atmosphere of a fashionable Norman resort: well-groomed green area, five swimming pools, evening entertainment, spa and medical center. Food is on top!

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This will not be offered abroad

Sofia Demidova


Our company is mainly focused on sending tourists to international destinations. For a long time I had a prejudice against domestic resorts. The Alean Family Resort Collection broke my stereotypes. It is especially pleasant and proud that it was the Russian team that created such a project. I don’t know how they were able to teach the staff to love customers, but they did it. From the doorstep, everyone in the hotel smiles and greets the guests.

The details are important to the travel agent, we look at the hotels through the eyes of tourists. Therefore, when I first got here, I paid attention to everything, including the little things. She noted that the equipment of the rooms is well thought out, the restaurants are beyond praise – it is really tasty here. An interesting animation program, this will not be offered abroad. And if it is possible to find a hotel with a similar set of activities, then, firstly, it will be more expensive, and secondly, the program is conducted in several languages. Here everyone is in Russian and the staff are Russians who perfectly understand the mentality of the guests.

Parents don’t have a headache

Elena Martynenko


We have been working with the Alean group for about 20 years. How are they different from others? The management of the company comes from the travel industry, who perfectly understand the ethics of communicating with partners, as we do, value each client.

There is always a demand for these hotels. It is difficult to find analogues to them in the concept of “ultra all inclusive” rest, focused on high-quality and comfortable rest with children. This is not only food from morning to evening, but also a set of entertainment, educational programs for adults, adolescents and children. Parents do not have a headache about how to feed the child, what to do with him and himself.

Security issues have been resolved here: a protected area, attentive staff, a round-the-clock medical post has been organized.

From the Alean Family Resort Collection chain, I personally really like Alean Family Resort & Spa Biarritz in Gelendzhik. I remember the “Pine Grove” that was in this place. Now the hotel is cozy, comfortable, the territory is well equipped, there are even water slides. Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville is a favorite of our tourists, and Riviera is one of the first concept hotels on the Anapa coast.

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Service is not inferior to Turkish hotels

Vyacheslav Cherkashin

TsVTO (Moscow)

We are pleased to cooperate with the Alean Family Resort Collection network – hotels, like real resorts, are not inferior to Turkish ones. It is a fact. Everything here is organized at a high level and fully corresponds to its category 4-5 *. It can be seen that the people who built the hotels approached this with knowledge and understanding.

I can list what tourists especially praise: a good animation team, a great spa complex. There are bath complexes, a jacuzzi, and pools with warm water in it. In the hotels of the chain, food is always delicious.

This is why Doville, Riviera, Sputnik, Biarritz, Usadba compare favorably with many accommodation facilities in the Krasnodar Territory.

I would like to note that the hotels were built specifically for families with children and fully comply with the family concept. They have a children’s Swedish line, cafes that children adore – there are always delicious ice cream, cotton candy, cakes …

The main objection of the clients we work with when offering these hotels is the high cost. We explain: it is justified by the level of service.

Why Deauville?

Marina Bratishevskaya

“Company Mir” (Moscow)

When a client wants to relax in the south, and also with children or adolescents, first of all we offer Alean Family Resort Collection hotels.

The chain’s business card is the Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville. The rooms here, although small, are fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay – from an LCD TV to a tea station.

The highlight of the hotel is a spa center with a cascading pool with mineral water. Lying in it is good for your health and just pleasant.

Everything is very beautiful, the large territory of the resort is well-groomed and has several areas with landscaping. The food is varied: vegetables, fruits, high-quality Swedish woman with a huge variety of sweets up to chocolate fountains.

Adults feel comfortable here: children are busy from morning till night, full, safe. If something happens to your health, qualified health workers will come to the rescue – the post works around the clock, there is no need to go to the city. Parents can relax and devote time to themselves: swim in the pool, go to the beach, spa, just sit quietly on the veranda of one of the restaurants or cafes. Alcohol – red and white wine, champagne, beer, tequila, gin, whiskey, cognac, vodka, chacha, vermouth, cocktails – is included in the price.

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Vitalia Kichkar

“Online booking center” (Krasnodar)

We cooperate with the Alean Family Resort Collection chain because these are high-level hotels. We have few of them. Tourists are happy, and everyone who gets there becomes regular customers.

Everything is thought out in hotels. The rooms are comfortable, the beds are pleasant to sleep on. The beaches are clean and equipped with everything you need. The staff are so attentive to each guest, it seems that you are special. There is a loyalty program. When we send tourists, they do not lose their accumulated points, which can be used for the next trip.

Children are paradise. There is no need to take extra things with you, you can rent a lot – from scooters to baby strollers.

Doville is further from the beach than Riviera, but it has a big advantage – an electric car transfer, which allows you to quickly and easily get to the beach in just a few minutes.

The way they cook is just food of the gods

Zlata Pugacheva

“Travel NEWS” (Sochi)

I will say this: it’s a pleasure to work with Alean. Everything is promptly resolved on an individual basis. They are loyal to non-standard requests.

I would call a vacation at the Alean Family Resort Collection elite. Of course, such a concept is in demand. Customers on the Russian coast want to receive the level of service they are used to abroad, or even more.

Imagine, play areas in resorts are divided into several categories – from nurseries for very tiny toddlers and clubs for teens. They have different programs, animators, entertainment. It is very cool.

On the beaches for hotel guests, an area is allocated where everything is equipped for comfort – sun loungers, umbrellas, awnings, bars, beach towel pick-up points, children’s play areas.

The way they cook is just the food of the gods. I myself want to eat a little bit to taste everything. Delicious seafood. The choice on the Swedish line is wide, and this is not a modification of the same dish – they are strikingly different.

Swedish Deauville.jpg

A company with a human face

Elena Kosenko

“Pink Elephant” (Rostov-on-Don)

We have a long and fruitful cooperation with the tour operator ALEAN. This company has a human face. There is a convenient booking system, there are detailed descriptions of both tours and hotels. A useful service for requesting places in hotels. It is very easy to work with the cashback system.

It is easy to sell Alean Family Resort Collection hotels to us – they are popular and their client is returnable. Many travel annually and appreciate the service, food and the ultra all inclusive concept. My tourists note the wonderful design of the rooms and the thoughtful interior.

Despite the fact that the chain is expanding, my favorite hotel is still “Deauville” (Alean Family Resort & Spa Doville). Luxurious well-groomed territory, friendly and competent staff, excellent food, a lot of activities – all this creates a special friendly atmosphere and perfectly disposes to rest. I would like our cooperation to continue in the same fruitful manner, so that any request would find its response. I wish Alean the best of luck!

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