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On April 14, the editors continued to review the rules for transferring tours that are published by tour operators. Quite detailed regulations published “Pegasus”, and this is already the second option, which differs from the initial one, by all appearances, by a wider set of alternatives. Instead of Turkey, for example, not only foreign destinations are offered, but also Russian resorts, which some colleagues avoid, citing good reasons.


The fact that domestic tourism can unpleasantly surprise was recognized even in the Federation Council: speaker Valentina Matvienko asked FAS pay attention to the overstatement of the cost of recreation in our country. But will it make sense? Everything is decided by supply and demand.


On the same day, the information was posted on its website by the tour operator TUI Russia. Like other tour operators, the company is ready to postpone canceled tours to Turkey at the current cost only if the departure is after October 1.


Meanwhile, Russian airlines are publishing schedules for export flights from Turkey. As you might expect, conflict situations arise – Aeroflot invites some “lucky ones” to interrupt the rest and immediately return, because then there will be nothing. And these are all “flowers”. Thousands of Russians who flew abroad with a docking in Istanbul have real problems. They will not be able to return this way, since Turkish Airlines forced to cancel almost all flights to Russia. For those who choose a roundabout route across the land border with Belarus, Rosprotrebnadzor prepared a surprise. For all are equal before the law!


By the way, lawyers draw attention to the fact that the wording in the explanations of Rospotrebnadzor on the situation in Turkey is much harsher than that of Rostourism. This creates uncertainty as to whether tour operators should refund the full cost of failed tours. The opinion of one of the best industry experts, Georgy Mokhov, can be read here.


We also recommend paying attention to the interview with the manager. “Vizant Group” Nelly Shatova: She tells how Crimea will be transformed after billionaire Arkady Rotenberg took up investments in hotels and sanatoriums.


Turkey imposes new restrictions on coronavirus
Rostourism is developing support measures for tour operators
… and launches a hotline for tourists in Turkey (our subscribers in the Krysha TourDoma telegram channel write that the answering machine is triggered)
Charters to Kamchatka call for subsidies so that there is somewhere to rest after the cancellation of tours to Turkey
Aeroflot’s tickets to Istanbul for May are sold out very quickly (only 2 flights will remain)

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