Travel News Digest Wednesday 7 April

Briefly about the main thing: the media continue to write about the dangers of vacation in Turkey. Only the lazy did not pay attention to the record for the number of cases in the country (50 thousand for April 6 – Ed.), but not everyone appreciated the consequences of a possible restriction of air traffic, which became known the day before. We have tried to fill this gap – there will be a collapse, and here’s why.


By the way, if you are going to Turkey for the May holidays, then keep in mind – places in popular hotels are rapidly running out. The same thing happens with good hotels in famous Russian resorts. For example, if you are planning to go to Sochi and stay in the mountains, then our review will come in handy – see prices for accommodation and hotel availability here.


I am glad that this year there is definitely more choice among tourists than a year ago. Everyone will soon be allowed to Greece – both those who have a PCR test, and holders of a vaccination certificate and even a document confirming the presence of antibodies.


Cyprus is open and specifies the rules for using the document allowing tourists to leave the hotel without sending SMS. It turns out that there are nuances – for now, you can only walk twice a day.


It seems almost unbelievable, but in summer Italy can also start hosting guests from Russia! It is not far from there to Malta, where coronavirus restrictions are already being eased. And Vietnam expects to open to tourists in September. The main thing is that there are no outbreaks of coronavirus disease, as it suddenly happened in Crimea.


In conclusion, our traditional block – news in one line
The vaccination certificate can be linked to the passport through the State Services.
At the Varadero resort, 50% of the hotels are open awaiting guests from Russia.
The State Duma approved the rules for the work of guides and tour guides (tourists will not be able to talk nonsense. – Ed.)
In debt as in silk: Ryanair estimated losses
A visit to the Utrish nature reserve will be limited for tourists
What if the PCR test is positive and the money for the tour is not refunded?

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