Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Agency for Tourism, together with the government of the Altai Republic, to work out the issue of providing businessmen with preferential loans for the construction of hotels. This was reported on March 18 by the press service of the country’s government.

It is specified that loans will be provided for small and medium-sized enterprises for up to 10 years for the construction of three-star hotels. The departments must submit their proposals on this issue by April 30, 2021.

The travel business was enthusiastic about this news. Founder of the tour operator “Wanderer” Nikolay Khoruzhenko noted that it is interesting for him personally as an investor who is ready to invest in the construction of a hotel in Altai. The only drawback that he sees in this scheme for today: if the all-Russian limit on the size of the room stock remains for Altai – from 120 rooms – according to the expert, this is too much for a mini-hotel.

“As for the stardom, then I completely agree with the Prime Minister. For objects 4 and 5 *, the demand is not so high. Undoubtedly, a decent modern 3 * hotel is several times better than a 5 * hotel “from the 90s”, of which, unfortunately, there are many, “explained Khoruzhenko.

He added that in parallel, it is necessary to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure, for example, to give preferences to companies that are ready to equip some natural display facility at their own expense by installing a toilet there, organizing a parking lot or, for example, a cozy cafe, as, for example, they did. in Iceland. “Even at such sights as petroglyphs, there is none of this. Ideally, this should be done in the same style. The region is already cooperating with a design school in Moscow, you can ask students to develop a unified design code for excursion locations, ”the expert said.

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Commercial director of the tour operator “Big Altai” Nikita Lobanov added that in Altai the hotel market continues to address classification issues, now there are mostly hotels without categories at all. Camp sites dominate, which in all senses do not have enough stars from the sky. On the other hand, there is not enough budgetary and at the same time high-quality accommodation facilities.

“Yes, we usually build some kind of craft and boutique hotels, or glampings. I will not name even a dozen 3 * hotels in Altai. Recently, the emphasis has shifted towards the premium segment, but hotels in this category are filled all year round. But there is a lack of quality accommodation for reasonable money in Altai – demand greatly exceeds supply. Therefore, the demand for any such facility will be great, ”Lobanov emphasized.

The expert agreed with his colleague that the level of 120 rooms should be reduced – most objects now have an average of 50-60 rooms.

Note that in February the government approved a program to subsidize the interest rate for investors in the hotel sector. For these purposes, 900 million rubles were allocated in 2021, after the approval of the national project for 2022, this amount will be increased. However, according to experts, concessional lending alone is not enough – it should be accompanied by tax breaks, as well as whitewashing the hotel market.

The government is also actively involved in the latter, in particular with the help of the classification of hotels. In this regard, the head of government asked Rosturizm to prepare proposals for regulating the activities of guest houses until July 1, 2021.

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Rosturizm is confident that the legalization of guest houses will allow businesses to qualify for government support measures, as well as improve the quality and safety of services for tourists. The department recalled that they have already prepared the relevant proposals, after agreement with the relevant departments, they will be sent to the Government of the Russian Federation. The problem of illegal guest houses is especially acute in Sochi and Crimea, where a large proportion of objects are built on garden and summer cottages, which does not allow them to legalize.

According to Mishustin, concessional lending, along with other support measures, will also help bring business out of the shadows.

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