Environmental problems in Altai in recent years have begun to worsen in parallel with the growing tourist flow. The locals blame the tourists for this and do not want an increase in the number of guests in the region. Representatives of the local tourist business spoke about this to Profi.Travel on April 16.

Thus, the ARGO company reported that the main reason is the poor organization of garbage collection. This is especially true in popular tourist places – on the Chuysky tract, in the Chulyshman river valley, on the Karakol lakes, the Ulagan highlands, trails to the foot of Belukha and the road to Altai Mars.

In the opinion Director of “ARGO” Irina Slesareva, the fact is that the algorithms for calculating the volumes of waste taken out do not take into account the activities of tourists. As a result, the garbage simply does not have time to be removed, and it is carried by the wind over long distances. There are also questions about the disposal of waste, which are often simply “added in”, which also harms the natural environment. “All this causes rejection among the local residents, for whom this land is sacred. In Altai, there has even appeared a movement against tourists and visiting investors, who are accused by local residents of environmental problems, ”Slesareva explained.

Nikita Lobanov, Commercial Director of the Big Altai company added: the situation is aggravated by the fact that in the Altai villages there are now very few trash cans. “And those that exist are easily overturned by livestock. I have a video of a cow chewing on a plastic bottle. The second aspect is when independent tourists, vacationing with tents in the “savage” format, fully correspond to this name, leaving behind unauthorized dumps at the resting place. There is no such thing in organized tourism – for example, in our company there is a concept “After us is better than before us,” Lobanov said.

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Note that in the region there is a volunteer movement “Clean Altai”, whose activists hold collective clean-ups to collect garbage in places popular with tourists, but their efforts are not enough.

As reported at a recent meeting with representatives of the tourism industry Minister of Regional Development of the Altai Republic Konstantin Zoriy, the authorities are aware of this problem and have already begun to tackle it. In particular, starting from May, in some areas, separate waste collection will begin. To do this, residents will be sold colorful bags.

For two years in a row, the government of the republic has allocated 10 million rubles for the arrangement of container sites for waste collection. Last year, this money was enough to buy 112 containers. Another 12 million is provided for the purchase of special equipment – garbage trucks and dump trucks. With the help of the latter, garbage is collected in areas with difficult traffic, where tourist facilities are located.

In addition, garbage collection operators have recently changed in two of the three zones in the region. Therefore, there is every chance that the situation will soon change for the better, the official summed up.

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