Despite the fact that the government promised not to introduce new restrictions on the May holidays, not all regions agreed with this. So, in the Ivanovo region will not be allowed without certificates, otherwise – quarantine.

According to the decision of the regional operational headquarters, only those who have completed the full course of vaccination, or who have a certificate of the presence of antibodies to Covid-19, issued no earlier than January 1, 2021, or a negative PCR test, will be able to freely enter the region than 3 days before the trip. Without these documents, you will have to sit in quarantine for 14 days (that is, longer than the May holidays themselves last). The certificates will be checked at the checkpoints at the entrances to the region, in addition, they will have to be presented when checking into hotels, sanatoriums, rest homes. Restrictions also apply to tourist groups arriving in the Ivanovo region by buses and ships.

The new rules became known only on April 27. The question arises, what to do now with tours to the Ivanovo region and with through routes? Will tourists have time to pass the tests and will they want to?

“The Ivanovo region initially stood out among all regions of the Central Federal District by its serious approach to restrictive measures. They also operated in the winter. Now the situation is complicated by the fact that these measures were taken at the last moment, which will seriously complicate the work of federal and local travel companies working on reception. First of all, this can become a problem on the first May holidays for organized excursion groups, since these innovations require a lot of organizational effort. It is necessary to inform clients (bus groups are about 30-40 people), tourists to pass tests (this is time and money) and provide information, ”the press service of the Alean tour operator commented on the situation.

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The tour operator Dolce Vita in Ivanovo told Profi.Travel that they are already asking their clients to urgently receive certificates, but they are afraid that there will be refusals, since the cost of tests is one third of the entire voucher, and many travelers travel with families and did not count at all for additional expenses. According to a company representative, it is not clear what the local authorities wanted to achieve, because there will obviously be fewer tourists in the region for the May holidays than it could have.

“We have not yet received such information and have not worked it out in any way. When partners on the ground officially inform us, then we will make decisions. It is clear that now no one will go for information, already on April 28, which means we will bypass the Ivanovo region. Here it is mainly included in the routes along the Golden Ring, we will correct them – either we will compensate the tourists for the lost excursion objects, or we will replace them with others, no less interesting, ”said director of the tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin

“So far we have not received information on route changes, but I can say for sure that cruise tourists will not suffer from this decision, having received an adequate replacement, unlike the Ivanovo region itself, which will lose profit from tourists. Changes in the route are not an extraordinary phenomenon, they sometimes have to be done, for example, due to weather conditions, ”he shared Andrey Mikhailovsky, General Director of the Infoflot Cruise Center.

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