The Indonesian government has extended the ban on foreigners entering the country until February 22, but not for everyone, follows from documentsigned on February 9th.

Vicu Adisasmito, government spokesman for the fight against COVID-19, quoted by Indonesia Expat, said: “In principle, foreigners can only enter Indonesia if they hold a visa or residence permit in accordance with the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 26 of 2020.” Tourists are still prohibited from entering.

According to the decree, you can enter the country if you have:

  • service visa (Visa dinas);
  • diplomatic visa (Visa diplomatik);
  • Visa to visit (Visa kunjungan);
  • limited stay visa (Visa tinggal terbatas);
  • work permit to stay (Izin Tinggal dinas);
  • diplomatic residence permit (Izin Tinggal diplomatik);
  • a limited stay permit (Izin Tinggal terbatas);
  • permanent residence permit (Izin Tinggal tetap).

It is also possible to create travel bubbles based on a bilateral agreement.

It must be said that many Russians managed to obtain business visas for themselves even before the entry ban; most likely, now they will be able to use them, since documents of type 211b belong to the category of documents with which entry into the country is allowed. True, it is not clear whether new visas will be issued, there is no official information on this yet.

All those few who can now get to Indonesia are required to pass the Covid-19 test before the trip and again upon arrival, as well as undergo quarantine at the hotel.

Currently, there is no direct flight between Russia and Indonesia, but you can get there with a transfer, for example, via Dubai.

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At the same time, Royal Flight and Nordwind Airlines received permits to operate regular flights to Denpasar and Bali, but the start time of flights is not known, it is necessary to wait for the official permission of the authorities of both countries to resume mutual flights.

Only important. For the pros only.

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