The tradition of contemplating flower beauty is one of the main spring entertainment in the Land of the Rising Sun. Learn how to organize unforgettable experiences for tourists in spring and summer in the new training module of the Japan – Treasure Islands special project.

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27th October At the webinar, experts from the Japan Tourism Office (JNTO) will tell the pros what the pros need to know about the warm season in Japan.

For watching the webinar we charge 300 Loyalty points… But that’s not all! During the online meeting, experts will ask three questions – for each correct answer you will receive additional 100 points… And those who complete the task first will receive nice prizes from Japan!

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You can check your knowledge right after the webinar. The final test will open on October 27. Everyone who successfully passes it before November 10 will have the opportunity to win the main prize!

And this, we remind you – two trips to Japan for the leaders of the rating! Go for it!

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By the way, those who successfully passed the tests of all three training modules will receive an excellent diploma and the title of an expert in the direction!

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