Will the Russian mountain resort compare with the Swiss St. Moritz?

To whom the crisis, and to whom – a big jackpot. This season, a wealthy public is heading to Krasnaya Polyana Resort, who usually spend their winter holidays in the Alps. Expensive hotels in the Sochi mountain cluster sold the New Year and January holidays back in September, and applications for other dates are being received. To make guests have a good time and want to come back, the Polyana 960 territory is being upgraded, which is positioned as a premium part of the resort. The authors of the project were inspired by the atmosphere of the Swiss St. Moritz. With details – Olga Filipenkova, director of strategic development of the Krasnaya Polyana resort.

Olga, can you formulate the new concept of Polyana 960 in a nutshell?

Affordable luxury. Affordable luxury.

What is meant by this?

The opportunity to wake up at an altitude of almost 1000 meters above sea level with a view of the mountains, all the beauty of nature that surrounds “Polyana 960”. A chance to ride in the morning on “clean corduroy” – this is how skiers call the slopes, just prepared by snow groomers, on which no one has yet ridden. A special pleasure is to plunge into the author’s bath rituals after skiing, and in the evening to pay tribute to the high culinary art. A fun pastime or solitude in the mountains – according to your mood. And the service, thought out in the smallest detail. This is what we call luxury, for us this concept is not limited to the richness of interiors.

Let’s say that everything is fine with the interiors at Polyana 960. After all, it is here that most of the resort’s hotels of the 5-star category are concentrated.

Yes, Rixos, Mövenpick, Novotel Resort. Branded hotels, of course, set the world quality standard by themselves.

For example, Mövenpick is the first hotel of this chain in Russia and the first in the world located in the mountains. There are 52 rooms in total, that is, in fact, it is a boutique with its own traditions and a special intimate atmosphere, especially for guests who prefer a secluded stay. The Mövenpick Chocolate Hour is held daily for hotel guests, which is presented in the form of a culinary show-kitchen with a variety of desserts, including the traditional sorbet also produced under the Mövenpick brand. The hotel has one of the largest suites in Russia – the Krasnaya Polyana suite (583 sq. M.), Which is popular not only for accommodation, but also for holding private celebrations, parties, etc.

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We set ourselves the task for Polyana 960 to organically correspond to the same high level, to become a self-sufficient territory where discerning guests can spend their rest with pleasure and comfort (and usually it is 5-7 nights), constantly discovering something for themselves. something new.

You mentioned the culinary arts. Ready to surprise discerning travelers with a gastronomic experience every day?

There are ten restaurants at Polyana 960, they are all completely different, and I promise that every dinner of our guests will be unique. Italian, Pan-Asian, Turkish cuisine, Raklet restaurant with an international fusion menu according to original recipes, a wine cellar with a wide wine list. Plus local specialties at the Kashtan restaurant, which offers local Caucasian cuisine. This is gastronomy as an art, and pleasure is enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding nature – all restaurants have terraces or panoramic windows with mountain views.

What discoveries await guests in terms of SPA? Against the background of Swiss and French resorts, you need to stand out with something very special …

There are five SPA centers at Polyana 960, mostly located in hotels and all of a very high level. I would especially like to note the recently opened bath complex “Mountain Baths” 4 Elements “”, which consists of two complexes, where each steaming is an author’s ritual using elements of natural elements: water, fire, air and earth. The small bathhouse is open only for private visits; it comfortably accommodates 6-8 people. Ideal for VIP guests or companies: private thermae, massage room, lounge with fireplace, panoramic windows and access to a spacious terrace with views of the mountain peaks and forest. On the terrace of this complex there are two small swimming pools: infinity with cold water and jacuzzi with hot water. We advise guests to familiarize themselves with the menu and make a reservation in advance, even before arriving at the resort, because the enrollment in the bath complex is two weeks ahead. Such popularity of a fairly new establishment is the best recommendation!

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Almost everything that we discussed with you was present at “Polyana 960” even before such a clear positioning. What new will guests get this season, when the territory is presented as a premium part of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort?

The multifunctional medical center “Medical & SPA Polyana 960” has just opened. Now our guests for a week of vacation can not only relax, but also heal the body by choosing one of the proposed programs: relaxation, detox, immunity, free breathing. Or, if desired, the guest, by contacting the medical center, will receive an individual plan of fortifying activities, which will include medical and SPA procedures, cosmetology, physical activity, for example, trekking routes. Agree, health care is more relevant today than ever.

Another point of our plan for the development of Polyana 960 is a new retail concept. By winter, boutiques will open that will meet the needs of guests of the premium part of the resort: sports brands, lifestyle, jewelry …

In order for moms and dads to rest, heal and make pleasant purchases, you need to organize an exciting pastime for the children.

At “Polyana 960” there is a year-round children’s club for the youngest guests of the resort. In winter, the main thing is, of course, training in skiing and snowboarding, plus a variety of activities with professional and experienced teachers. Parents can be completely calm.

We have another idea of ​​how to ensure maximum comfort for families with children. However, it will be appreciated, probably, by all guests from megalopolises. We set ourselves the task of making the premium territory free of cars. We are revising the traffic scheme so that guests can comfortably enter the hotel with their belongings, but the main area of ​​Polyana 960 would be reserved for walking.

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The infrastructure of the resort is quite diverse; guests have yet to find their way around in order to organize their time in the most efficient way.

No effort is required. A concierge service is being created at Polyana 960, which will fulfill the wishes of guests 24/7. Our concierges will book any restaurant, wellness treatment, kids club and any other resort service.

Olga, this is all very good, but there is such a thing – the human factor. The wealthy public will compare Polyana 960 with European resorts, but there are very old traditions of service that we have yet to create …

Yes, we need to work with the personnel, and we are actively engaged in this. Our employees are currently undergoing a training and professional development program under the guidance of experienced trainers. The effect is already obvious, we get a lot of positive feedback.

Or they could not think about anything too much – calmly calculate the profit. The resort is for sale on its own, because no alternative is foreseen this season.

We do not have a task to make all the money at once, we look at the future. We want new guests to leave with the best impressions and then come back to us several times a year.

Krasnaya Polyana resort is a mountain resort of entertainment, where the easiest way is to get out of the whirl of everyday life.


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