The Russian mountain resort offers to pass the “check-up” no worse than in the Alps

You can have a quality rest and thoroughly improve your health even in a week at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort: the resort offers tourists a package with accommodation in a new five-star hotel Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi and the services of the new Center for Functional Medicine “Medical & SPA Polyana 960”which started working this year. Anastasia Molochkova, Sales Director of Krasnaya Polyana Resort, talks about the hotel, clinic procedures and off-season discounts.

Hotel from stress

Today Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi 5 * is a five-star service from the global brand Rixos Hotels with professional diagnostics, expert advice and a detox menu from a chef in one offer. Everything – from 14 530 rubles. for two nights per person. And if your activity is associated with a busy work schedule and high loads in the psycho-emotional sphere, then the basic program of preventive treatment and recovery included in the package with accommodation will come in handy. It is worth planning at least five days to complete it – this is the minimum time that the specialists of “Medical & SPA Polyana 960” will need to restore your balance of vitality, relieve chronic stress and replenish the “piggy bank” of positive emotions.

Forewarned – almost cured

But the main task of the Center for Functional Medicine is to prevent diseases and reduce all possible risks of their occurrence. The Center for Functional Medicine “Medical & SPA Polyana 960” is focused primarily on prevention and detailed diagnostics: after consulting a therapist, nutritionist, functional medicine specialist, cosmetologist, physiotherapist and fitness trainer, you will have to go through a check-up of the body. And at the European level – not worse than in the Alps. Based on the results of a comprehensive examination, you will receive, in particular, an assessment of the functional state of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, your blood glucose level, as well as the levels of vitamins, minerals and heavy metal salts in the body will be determined. For a separate fee, they will make a 3D portrait of your heart – it will cost 2500 rubles.

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A complex of positive habits

Diagnostics will help you choose one of the preventive treatment programs – this is “Detox”, focused on those who seek to cleanse their body of toxins and acquire a balanced diet, and “Relax”, which focuses on quiet relaxing training, walks, relaxation procedures in the spa, massages. And also “Free breathing” – a program aimed at the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system, while it is part of a rehabilitation course for those who often suffer from colds. Another program “Immunity” includes physiotherapy, massage therapy, fluid therapy and fitness training. If the services of the center are not included in the package with accommodation, then the basic version of any of the programs will have to be paid separately – it costs 3400 rubles, the extended one – 7100 rubles.


Course for youth

The professional care cosmetology “Medical & SPA Polyana 960” deserves special attention. The most popular procedure in this area is face contouring. It does not take much time, the guests of the medical center manage to go through the full cycle in a week or two and return home visibly rejuvenated. “This is not just a beauty parlor, where all attention is focused on improving the skin and face, it is a health center where they work to preserve youth, deal with skin neoplasms and do all this in a comprehensive manner,” the expert notes.

Detox until December

“Mountain Detox” is a special offer that is valid at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort at the present time and until December 15th. It includes accommodation in 4 and 5 star resort hotels with a detox menu, special prices for Medical & SPA Polyana 960 services, fitness, medical diagnostics and other services, as well as discounts in boutiques. Plus free trainings with a coach, guided sightseeing tours and cable car ascent.

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As part of the promotion, booking is provided not only in Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi 5 *, but also in Sochi Marriot Krasnaya Polyana, Mövenpick Krasnaya Polyana, Novotel Resort, Gorki Panorama and Courtyard – an offer for two nights with full board starts from 10 460 rub. for one person.


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