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“Transverse splits” – this is how they describe the rules for connecting to the cashback program for a vacation in Russia in travel companies that have received an invitation from Rostourism to participate in this action. The federal agency is holding it for the third time, but contrary to the saying and logic, attempts to join have turned into torture for entrepreneurs. Details are in the material by Ekaterina Tropova.

If you want to help, don’t bother

After domestic lawmakers finally banned the use of foul language in social networks, it became somewhat more difficult to describe attempts to take advantage of government support measures for the tourism industry. There is a very bearded anecdote about a programmer who has gone deep into his business. A small son comes up to him: “Dad, why does the sun rise every day in the east, and sets in the west?” And his father said: “Does it work like that every day? Did you check it yourself? If it works, then, for God’s sake, sonny, don’t touch anything with your hands, don’t change anything! ” In this regard, there is a suspicion that if the industry were simply left alone, it would be no worse. At least there is no one to blame.

In February, travel companies received from Rostourism a letter with an appeal to participate in the so-called third wave of cashback and a seemingly detailed description of those cross twines that need to be performed in order to fit into the cherished program. According to the instructions attached to the letter, it is obvious that diligent people have not been idle since the beginning of the second wave: from three pages it “got fat” to as much as 28. That, it is worth noting, did not make it clearer. And if at the beginning of the action this caused a rather noticeable uplift among tour operators and sympathizers, then by the third wave there was mainly sarcasm and this feeling that if you want to help me, then step back and do not bother me.

Mir card, but not Sberbank

Of course, by the third round, the requirements for the tourist product itself have noticeably softened: the list of regions has expanded, the minimum travel period has decreased. But the mysterious TID and MID, the installation of a separate electronic terminal and other test payment, which cannot be rounded off, remained hanging like a sword of Damocles over the already rather nervous tour operators due to the current circumstances. Oh, yes, a test payment must be made using a card “World”, of course. But not any will do, but only the one issued by a bank other than the one that accepts payments through your website. Well, that is, if TO acquiring from Sberbank, then the “World” card is needed Rosselkhozbank, and vice versa. Those who have small children know that similar things are usually invented when it is necessary that “it does not matter what, but if only everyone is busy.” Indeed, everyone is busy: programmers, copywriters, designers, call center employees and many, many adults all over the country. Some of them are even busy looking for “the Mir card, but not Sberbank.”

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With the timing of the action, everything is also conveniently thought out: messages about a new stage of the program come a day or two before the start of calculating the term of the test payment, for which, for example, a week was released. They need the very coveted TID and MID. And it may take 8 days to receive them. If you have a TID and a MID, then you are happy early. First, it must be separate TID and MID, only for payments for promo tours. Secondly, even if you have already received them before, but unwisely used between the second and third, for example, a wave to receive any other payments, then they are considered to have deteriorated. A test payment cannot be made if at least one transaction has been made with these TIDs and MIDs seven days before its execution. This is not counting the little things like the fact that the return of the test payment must be requested in a separate way and also on strictly fixed dates. Of course, the fee for access to the paradise of the cashback program is not high, but still 355 rubles. 50 kopecks, after all. Although, of course, the time spent on preparation for participation in the program by programmers, specialists in tourism products and the management of travel companies is described by amounts with a fundamentally different number of zeros. Earlier, before the new year, industry representatives complained about this injustice, stressing that, together with the unpredictability of administrative prohibitions, participation in the program turns into “terrible losses” for businessmen.

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“There is no normal support”

Programmers are also not quite happy: “The technical specification is excellent – there is no explanation at all what, how and where. The reckoning, apparently, on those who have already worked with similar systems, but the possibilities and needs of medium and small businesses have not been taken into account at all. We were forced to connect several services on the side of each participant (Mir, banks, tags, Rosturizm) instead of making a ready-made system on their resource, where the participants would redirect clients or insert an iframe. There is no normal support either, where they would answer questions, there are no normal examples “, – describes the developer of the portal avia2.ru Pavel Maslov, which helped to integrate the cashback system on the site of one niche TO.


By the way, about the support. If you call the Mir company, you can find out that, in principle, there is no person there who knows how to work according to the instructions issued by Rosturizm. This is exactly how the young ladies in the call center answered the direct question: “Is there at least one living person in the company who can advise what exactly needs to be done with TID and MID and where exactly they are supposed to be inserted.” The document says literally the following about the process: “… by setting separate acquiring TID / MID identifiers on the landing page of the promotion”, which does not even mean whether they need to be embedded in the page code or, for some completely inexplicable reason, the organizer of the promotion wants to see personal identifiers in written letters and numbers in a text block. Well, you never know … “Your programmers should know this,” – explains the company “Mir”. Where exactly this unconditional knowledge is installed in “our programmers” is not specified. And the very need to have a professional programmer on the staff, who is the only one who can fulfill the technical assignment from Rostourism, smacks of unhealthy restriction of competition, because the law on tourist activity does not say anything about the need to have a programmer on the staff and an online payment system. Kind of like this is optional.

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Our staff will contact you …

Being a tourist in this system is also not easy. “I decided to participate in the cashback program, which ended on December 5th. Operated on tours until January 10. I opened the Mir card in Sberbank without any problems, instantly tied it in my personal account in the Mir system loyalty program, as required by the program rules, paid for the tour in Yandex.Travelmarked with a cashback program icon. Total RUB 39,290.00 Accordingly, I am entitled to 7858 rubles. Check from Yandex.Travel dated December 5. In the bank statement – the transaction was posted on December 7th. The money didn’t come to me, ”complains the tourist Ekaterina, who decided that it was a matter of saving a little on a New Year’s trip to Sochi. On December 20, Ekaterina contacted the support service via chat, sent them a check and a bank statement. “Upon consideration, our employees will contact you. The terms of consideration are up to 30 calendar days, ”the operator wrote. And nothing happened. On February 1, the tourist once again clarified the status of the appeal, to which she received a response of the following content: “It took additional time to consider your appeal. The terms of consideration have not been set. ” Once again, a specialist from the Mir company showed up only on 9 February. But not in order to help find the loss, but with a claim that the tourist “did not assess the work on the appeal.”


15 billion somewhere sad

Meanwhile, while some are opening the Mir cards, others are pulling TID and MID out of oblivion, and still others are trying to install them on landing pages, lying somewhere and sad as much as 15 billion rubles allocated by the state for the implementation of the program. According to the Federal Tourism Agency, for the first two waves of this amount, tourists were paid only 1.2 billion rubles. Therefore, he will go for cashback for the third time, but this will only be in the spring.

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