Excursion tours to St. Petersburg: key programs, features of organization and accommodation

The advantages of organized tours to St. Petersburg from the tour operator ALEAN in the spring-summer season – 2021, classics and novelties, accents of sales of the top period of white nights, the best hotels to accommodate excursion groups, individual and VIP-tourists.

As part of the broadcast, a drawing will take place – the winner will have a sightseeing tour for two in the summer from 01.05 to 26.09.2021.


Draw questions:

1. Trains from Moscow arrive at the Baltic Station.

2. Parks, gardens, squares, canals and rivers occupy 40% of the city territory in St. Petersburg.

3. Vyborg is included in the new objects of display during the excursion programs “Alean”.

4. Excursion tours from “Alean” are possible on any day.

5. Sightseeing tours for the period of the White Nights are called “Magic of the White Nights”.

Truth or lie?

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