Season 5 of the Profi.Travel Loyalty program has started! To make participation equally comfortable and promising for beginners and system connoisseurs, we are announcing updated rules.

The Loyalty rules already required changes – we understood this on the eve of the new season of the loyalty program, since the system required changes as it evolved. Plus, we’ve seen system bugs and user gimmicks that we acknowledge.

We ask all participants to respectfully treat all colleagues who play Loyalty, as well as pay attention to the risks in case of violation of the rules (including possible exclusion from the program).

What should Loyalty members know and remember?

one. Loyalty winners can be travel agents who are the owners or officially employed employees of the existing travel agency. You can confirm your status with official documents.

2. In Season 5, Loyalty points are awarded only for activities starting from February 01, 2021. Thus, all points received for viewing webinars in the archive or other activities that have passed before the designated time will be canceled.

3. In the event that a travel agent enters into Loyalty reservations received from third parties, then all points earned by the agent this year can be canceled.

four. One member of the Profi.Travel loyalty program can have only one valid account.

five. Points are not transferred from one account to another, even if they are points from one person.

Learn the rules of Loyalty participation in more detail >>

We stand for fair competition and are always ready to help both novice Loyalty members and regular ones. We remind you how you can get extra points:
+ 300 points we will charge you for a review of Loyalty. The promotion runs until April 30th.
+ 500 points for every booking in Dubai.
+ 1000 points we will credit those who bring a friend to Loyalty, who will add 5 bookings.

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