Tourism business is losing staff and enthusiasm

Travel retail is in dire straits – posts of despair and outrage from travel agents appear on social media almost every day. Many of them are looking for alternative earnings or have already changed their field of activity.


The other day, the director of the Nizhny Novgorod travel agency Evgeniya Varkentina shared on her Facebook page: “I found out that some of my colleagues … some of them work part-time with private English lessons, some work as real estate agents, some have made gardening a business, some are engaged in translations, some have gone # nowhere, there is no strength to drag it … Many travel companies have shrunk down to 1 person in the person of the owner-director and are sitting in their home “office”, bringing obligations on applications … PAIN! ”

The main problem that affected all travel agencies, especially regional ones, where there is no such number of VIP-tourists as in Moscow, is the lack of a tourist product: “Since April 15, there is practically nothing to sell. Dozens of tourists call us every day and … they want to go on vacation. People want to go to the sea, in the Russian Federation there are 12 seas, but there is NO WHERE to swim! On TV, they tell how many countries have already opened up to Russians and how life is getting better. And what in fact? ” – asks the director of the travel agency. And she herself answers: “At least eight countries are open and waiting for Russians. Open with all measures of safe rest. We are ready to embrace: Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt, Croatia, Montenegro.

But we will not open air flights to these countries in any way. I’ve even got a Greek visa, but I can’t fly away … Tunisia, Cyprus – cargo and passenger flights. They fly. But who is responsible is not clear. You can get to Montenegro by vegetable gardens, through Belgrade. Maldives and Seychelles – but don’t be funny, there is a queue lined up … A tour to the Seychelles for a family with three children – for the price of an apartment. Mexico and Cuba are on charters. You will go crazy to fly with children … Our resorts are overcrowded. They are not rubber, they saw the prices themselves … very indecent. ”

You can lose up to half of travel agencies

In one of the franchise agent networks editors said: after the suspension of tourist transportation to Turkey, some of the companies were finally disillusioned with business, now they owe their customers twice – for “covid tours” and programs purchased for the summer of 2021.

According to the expert, at least a third have already given up travel agency activities. “People are looking for options in other industries, and then whoever is lucky,” says our interlocutor. – Some go to real estate, to service services, someone opens the points of delivery of parcels … ”

The specialist believes that June will be the most revealing: if the tourist business does not come to life in the first summer month, the process of staff exodus will become massive, up to half of retail companies may close, many tour operator employees will also be actively looking for new jobs.

It’s like metal fatigue

Yuri Naumov, head “”, does not hide his disappointment with what is happening. “Tourism is about people, relationships, emotions. And people have tremendous fatigue, it’s like metal fatigue. The best shots are leaving. I have left 2 people who have been with me since 2006. They are not sharpened for money, but they admit: we are ashamed to look clients and friends in the eyes, we do not know what to say again, when everything changes, is postponed, postponed. How to sell the same Tunisia, if there is officially no tourist transportation on it, but customers see on the websites – there are tours on sale. What should I tell them? How to take responsibility for cargo and passenger flights, which can be canceled at any time? ” – explains Yuri Naumov.


In his opinion, a huge mistake of the heads of the departments responsible for tourism is that they divide it into domestic (a priori “our own, beloved”) and international, the meaning of which is only in taking money out of the country. “I believe that at one time Turkey for 199 dollars did more for Russians than all those who are now trying to teach us to love domestic tourism. The Turks gave us the opportunity to travel, this has become a vital need for many ”.

Is there life after tourism?

Many experts have repeatedly expressed that tourism is a vocation, a way of life and even, perhaps, a “disease”; it is difficult for it to find a worthy alternative. But such successful cases do happen.

Maria Bakerina, known to many as the CEO of the company “Geography”, recently announced a job change: she is now the managing director of a city resort – health and recreation center Termy Vidnoe


In an interview with a correspondent, she admitted that the new place is ideally suited to her experience: “I love doing customer-oriented business, I love spas, and besides, I am very attracted to projects that carry a mission and have a social background.” Maria believes: professionals from the travel business, if they decide to change their activities, should look for a niche that is at the intersection of tourism, recreation, communication with people and management. Then you will be able to realize your skills and apply your knowledge.

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