Tour operator TUI considers Yakutia as one of the regions where it can subsequently start sending tourists. This was stated by the Deputy General Director of the company Alexander Sirchenko at the presentation of the tourism potential and industrial tourism of the Republic of Sakha, held jointly with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) on March 19.

“This does not mean that tomorrow we will overwhelm the region with tourists, first of all, we will start with an analysis of the tourism potential, routes, and we hope, together with the authorities, to form a tourism product that will be in demand. Then it will be possible to say that we will take tourists there. In the meantime, we are at the stage of examination, ”he said.

Those present at the event did not expect from the tour operator a statement about a charter program similar to the one that the company launched in Buryatia: it is clear that in the case of Yakutia, there is neither such a promoted brand like Baikal, nor a sufficient number of worthy accommodation places. And nevertheless, by gradually increasing interest in the region, it is possible to lay the foundations for the arrival of investors and an increase in tourist traffic. Sirchenko stressed that it is not enough just to create a good tourist product, it is also necessary to actively promote it, which the authorities and the tourist business must deal with together. “The synergy of promoting the tourism potential of the region is important (and this is done by the authorities through the federal media) and the specific tourism product offered by tour operators – federal and regional,” the expert noted. According to him, it is necessary not only to show tourists what to see and what to do in the region, but also where to buy a tour, how much it costs, so that when planning a trip, they already have associations with a tour operator who is “shaking” the direction.

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Olga, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sanaeva agreed: it is the joint promotion of the tourism product by the authorities and business that is important so that the end consumer receives information from all possible channels. The end investor, according to her, is the tourist himself, but in order for his investments to reach the recipient, he must use the tourist product, which means he must know about it.

All experts speaking at the event agreed that Yakutia has great potential for tourism development: the region can offer all types of recreation – ecological tourism, hunting and fishing, event, ethnographic, industrial, gastronomic and extreme tourism, cruises. Nowadays, industrial tourism is also gaining momentum, which is also possible in the region.

In this area, the Republic of Sakha, together with ASI, has developed the Treasures of Yakutia project. Director General of GAU RS (Y) “Agency for Tourism Development and Territorial Marketing” Natalya Tyukavkina said that by the end of the year 39 companies will join the industrial tourism program in Yakutia, and at the moment 11 production facilities are already working in this direction, in particular, jewelry production facilities “Alrosa” and “Kierge”, concern “Sakhabult”, dealing with leather and furs , the Kamelek company, which produces tableware.

Experts are sure that if you correctly assemble a tourist product, competently combining all types of tourism in it, thinking over the logistics and taking into account the possibilities of the infrastructure, understanding what kind of tourist it is designed for and based on this calculate the cost of the tour package, then the tourist flow to Yakutia can be increased significantly.

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