Digest of travel news from May 20

All the best for children! Therefore, we will begin our review of the news with the topic of children’s recreation. The government finally clarified the rules for payments under the cashback program for summer camps. It will take effect on May 25 and will allow parents to return up to 50% of the trip cost. Those who have paid for the rest of their children in advance will also be able to take part in the action. The day before, the president Vladimir Putin drew the attention of responsible officials to the problem of refunding money for rest in the first shift, which begins on June 1. It remains in a matter of days to prescribe clear rules for payments to those who bought a voucher before May 25.


Another important topic around cashback for children’s holidays is whether the program will push the cost of trips to the camps? Vice Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya declared the need for price control by FAS… What other proposals she voiced at a meeting on topical issues of organizing children’s recreation and health improvement, read our material.


Let’s move on to the news regarding the rest of Russians abroad. Passengers with Turkish airline tickets for June are currently in limbo. Turkish Airlines, unlike Russian carriers, so far direct flights from Russian cities to Turkey have not been canceled in the first summer month. However, there is no guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Meanwhile, customers Pegasus are reporting flight cancellations to Turkish resorts. At the same time, flights to Istanbul are still in the schedule. Only the decision to extend or remove the restriction on air traffic with the Republic of Turkey, which expires on June 1, can dot the i.


The summer vacation of Russians in Spain is still a big question. Despite the fact that the country has begun accepting documents for visa applications, there are signals that it is premature to plan any trips to local resorts. It’s about a message from a Spanish airline Iberia… So far, the carrier does not plan to resume flights with Moscow and St. Petersburg in the summer season.


Fast forward to another European country – Malta. Here, from June 1, they will begin to receive foreign tourists. True, this is unlikely to affect the Russians so far. But the fact that Russia will lift restrictions on flights with the island since May 25 inspires some hope. It is possible that vaccinated tourists will have more chances to travel to Europe soon. At least the Council of the European Union has already made some decisions on the entry of travelers from third countries.


Meanwhile, Egypt is trying with all its might to get Russian tourists. He concludes contracts for the supply of the Russian vaccine, and promises to pay for our compatriots to stay in quarantine and treatment if they get sick with coronavirus during the trip. We hope that all these aspirations will not be in vain.


Let’s return to Russia, where the southern resorts are more and more filled with vacationers every day. Even high prices in hotels cannot stop them. By the way, the readers of the professional Facebook community “Travel Presidium” are sure that accommodation facilities for fabulous money, for example, in the Crimea, will always have clients. Check out other opinions on this topic as well.


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