More than a hundred hotels in Turkey have postponed the start of the summer season due to the suspension of flights from Russia, as well as uncertainty in other key markets, reports the Turkish edition of Turizm Ajansi.

The publication clarified that we are talking about existing facilities with a seasonal work schedule, which were planned to open by the beginning of the summer season and canceled these plans after the news of the limitation of flights from Russia to Antalya and other resort cities. At the same time, some of them still do not give up hope of starting work this season, if the restrictions are nevertheless lifted.

In addition, the opening of another 76 hotels across the country has been postponed. Most of them are located in resort areas. All work has been completed in them, and they also planned to begin receiving tourists with the onset of the summer season. According to the newspaper Dünya, 33 5 * hotels, 20 4 * hotels, 16 3-star hotels and four boutique hotels are expected to open this year. Of the total number of objects that were supposed to open for the summer season, there are 12 in Antalya province. Nine of them are five-star, one 4 * hotel and two three-star hotels.

The most difficult situation is in the Kemer region, which was the most popular with Russian tourists. Currently, about a third of the objects have announced the postponement of the opening date.

The news of the suspension of flights with Russia also slowed down the commissioning of new hotels. Turizm Ajansi writes about the suspension of the implementation of at least 37 objects that are at various stages of implementation. These are both completely new hotels and additional buildings of the existing ones. The decision to freeze them was made after April 15th.

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Russia has limited air traffic with Turkey since April 15, 2021 due to the high prevalence of coronavirus. At the time of the announcement, about 60 thousand new cases were recorded in the country every day.

Initially, the restrictions were in effect until June 1, but at the last moment they were extended for another three weeks – until June 21.

As of June 3, 6,602 new cases of coronavirus infection have been officially recorded in Turkey.

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