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The general attention of specialists of the tourism market was attracted by the news about the temporary suspension of tourist services in Greece by the host company Mouzenidis Travel Greece. The Russian office of Mouzenidis Travel explained this with purely technical reasons and promised that it would settle everything within the next weeks. According to him, the legal nuances in the re-registration of property rights after the death of the founder and owner of the Greek tourism holding Mouzenidis Group, Boris Mouzenidis, also affected. Meanwhile, a source in the company told about negotiations with the Greek government on financial assistance. The tour operator did not officially comment on this information.


For other news. In Crimea, there are such heavy rainfalls that an emergency regime had to be introduced. Especially Kerch got it, the center of which was completely flooded. But, perhaps, the most active discussion on social networks is not the weather conditions, but the three swimmers who chased the boat of the head of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov while inspecting the scale of the disaster.


It is possible that the rain became one of the reasons for the emergency at the Simferopol airport. On the morning of June 17, a Pegas Fly Boeing 767 rolled off the runway. There were 284 people on board, none of them was injured. The incident delayed departures and arrivals of dozens of flights. Some airliners were forced to fly to alternate airfields in Anapa. Later, the plane that left the runway was removed and the airport was able to restore normal operation.


The rain also haunted Anapa. The ensuing element decided to make changes to the appearance of the central beach. Part of it was washed out, and the changing cabins and awnings were damaged. It is a pity, because this place steadfastly withstood the load from the hundreds of sunbathers who came here on sunny days.


The weather is much more stable in the Kaliningrad region. Here, in early June, an abnormal heat was established. This, of course, is the joy of many tourists, who practically did not leave vacant rooms in resort hotels. However, the region is facing an increase in the incidence of coronavirus. The local government has decided to introduce new restrictions. So, hotels, guest houses and other mass accommodation facilities are prohibited from populating organized groups of children arriving from other regions for tourist purposes. What other measures have the authorities taken – read our material.


A difficult situation with COVID-19 is observed in Moscow. Some sources report that the matter may come to the introduction of a lockdown. The date is even called June 20. Officials call this information “nonsense.” Interestingly, insiders talk about restrictions only for unvaccinated citizens. Well, wait and see.


In Sochi, there are no talk of any restrictive measures so far. However, the mayor of the resort, Aleksey Kopaigorodsky, urged tourists to get vaccinated against the coronavirus before traveling south. He also addressed the call for vaccination to local residents. According to him, such measures will definitely avoid any suspension of the tourist season.


The exacerbation of the coronavirus in the country did not go unnoticed abroad. The Abu Dhabi authorities have removed Russia from the list of “green” states, whose citizens do not need to undergo a mandatory ten-day quarantine when traveling to the emirate. As a result, tour operators are forced to offer tourists alternative options for recreation or return money.

We conclude our news review with an encouraging report from Turkey. A Russian delegation has arrived in Antalya to assess the epidemiological situation at the resort and the possibility of lifting restrictions on air traffic with the Republic of Turkey. The specialists have a shortage of time – only 2 days. But we hope that this will be enough to then please Russian tourists with the return of Turkey to the map of countries for summer holidays.


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