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Chief physician of one of the Moscow clinics and presenter of a health program on TV Alexander Myasnikov commented on the recent call of the chapter LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky: “In connection with the outbreak of COVID-19, stop the travel of our citizens abroad for tourism purposes, and punish those responsible for the decision to open the borders.” The famous doctor strongly disagrees with the politician, and does not consider new cases of coronavirus infection imported. “There was an expected decline in the pandemic, now – an expected rise. It makes no sense to sit behind high fences in an attempt to avoid the spread of infection, ”he is sure. And whose position is closer to you? Are tourists to blame for the second wave of covid and should the cordons be closed again? Speak up in our survey.


So far, the appeal of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and other supporters to re-hang the padlock on the border has not resulted in the appropriate decisions of the authorities. International flights, albeit not very active, are being renewed. So, Aeroflot starts flights to Serbia and Japan. Increases frequencies to the Maldives, Belarus and Switzerland. You can find out the details of the schedule of the national carrier for the indicated routes here.


AND Utair intends to compete with flights of airlines affiliated with major tour operators on the line from Moscow to the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar.


To other topics. In Sochi, in connection with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the requirements for the mandatory wearing of masks on the streets have been tightened. How the new restrictions affect tourists – guests of the resort, we learned from representatives of the region’s tourist industry.

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And the following news is relevant for entrepreneurs: the government was offered a whole package of measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises for consideration; in the tourism industry, most companies refer specifically to SMEs. Details of the initiative are in our review.


It is also interesting to read: Are air passengers afraid of catching coronavirus on board? Summed up the results of the poll on Moscow region museums will have to survive new restrictions on the admission of sightseers, introduced by the regional authorities. The tourist sued over 200 thousand rubles from the low-cost airline Pobeda. for a failed flight to Montenegro.

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