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Let’s start our review with the news dedicated to a significant event of the past week: in the Public Council Rostourism discussed the preparation of a passport for the national project “Tourism”, within the framework of which no less than 629 billion rubles will be invested in the development of the industry. budget funds. During the lively discussion, the invited travel business practitioners expressed a lot of constructive criticism of the document. Why, for example, in the national project there is such a target indicator as the number of sanatoriums that have passed the hotel classification – how can its increase contribute to the development of domestic tourism? Or how is it supposed to increase the number of tourists in the country at times, given that the increase in the number of rooms is at the level of only 6%? Nevertheless, the participants of the meeting pay tribute to the head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova – she accepted the criticism expressed and said that a new version of the passport of the national project had already been prepared, in which the remarks of representatives of the tourism industry would be taken into account.


To other topics. Head of airline Utair Pavel Permyakov applied to the Association of Air Transport Operators with a request to help with obtaining clarifications from the aviation authorities: on what principles are the admissions of airlines to international airlines. Observers see this as an indirect reproach that admissions to most international routes are now only Aeroflot… Are there any chances for other airlines to compete with the national carrier? – we learned from a specialist.

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Meanwhile, Aeroflot managed to perform only two flights from Moscow to Baku – flights were resumed last week, seats on the boards could be purchased by citizens of Azerbaijan or foreigners with a residence permit in this country. But the flights on October 1 and 4 will not take place, the reason is the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Observers fear that if the armed confrontation in the region continues, then international air transportation and tourism will have to be forgotten for a long time.


It is also interesting to read: for an impartial review of a hotel in Thailand – a prison. Is that possible? South Korea has allowed transit for air passengers from Russia – who might need an air route through Seoul? The collapse at Vnukovo airport – why tourists arriving from abroad have to defend many hours of queues to pass the coronavirus test.

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