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With the arrival of spring, trees traditionally swell not only buds, but also legislative initiatives. It was this Tuesday State Duma of the Russian Federation prepared two bills at once concerning the work of travel agents and tour guides. The first deputies imposed fines of 100 thousand rubles. If the company will provide travel services and at the same time will not be included in the future register of travel retail. The second was completely banned from working in the case when the guide is not a citizen of the Russian Federation and has not passed professional certification. Penalties for work without a crust are also provided.


However, while the basis of the tourist business in Russia is digesting this information, in the offices Rostourism noticeable rearrangement. Head of department Zarina Doguzova received a new deputy to help – Elena Lysenkova. In fact, the expert has been working in Rosturizm for 2 years and oversees tourist cashback, but only now she has taken a position corresponding to the status. Experts from the travel industry shared their views on what such changes mean. There is no unambiguous position on this issue yet.


Nevertheless, in her new position, Elena Lysenkova has already managed to register at the Safe Travel Ecosystem round table. Here she made a forecast for the recovery of world tourism. In parallel with the deputy head of the agency and the deputy prime minister Tatiana Golikova explained why Europe remains closed to tourists. It turned out that the whole point is in the lockdowns, which did not allow the Europeans to develop collective immunity.

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As if overhearing Russian officials, London peers decided to close the border to British citizens until June and extend the quarantine for arriving tourists until autumn. The chain worked further, reaching Israel. However, following the old adage “do as the rabbi says, not as the rabbi does,” the country’s authorities, on the contrary, started talking about lifting the bans on foreigners coming to the country by the summer.


However, foreign problems are infinitely alien to Russian resorts. For example, in Crimea there are no more places in accommodation facilities “without category” for the period of May holidays. But the editors found out where else you can relax under the sun for a minimal budget. The Krasnodar Territory is also not without news. Four regional objects for the creation of tourist complexes were included in the draft passport of the national project “Tourism and hospitality industry”. We found out from the experts how they evaluate the applicants.


Do not miss other interesting news: we will tell you about how “digital nomads” will squeeze tourists, and about the confusion in Domodedovo with vaccination certificates.

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