Travel News Digest Monday 14 June

Strengthening anti-coronavirus measures in Moscow and St. Petersburg remains one of the main topics. In the capital, residents and guests of the city are promised to be fined for using playgrounds and benches in parks. According to observers, these measures have obvious consequences – everyone who can leave or will leave the city, creating an even greater burden on the resorts of the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory.


By the way, we have prepared a selection of airfare prices. There are still places, but they are running out. And also found out where in Anapa you can swim without the crowd and seaweed on the beach.


Following the capitals, restrictions are being tightened in other regions as well. The Ivanovo region is again asking those arriving for a PCR test. And on Sakhalin they will closely monitor the observance of the glove and mask regime. We will monitor the situation and let you know if there is more news.

Meanwhile, the head of the Center N.F. Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg considers tourists to be the main culprits of the outbreak of covid disease in Russia.


To other topics. Summit started on Monday NATO in Brussels. It would seem, what does tourism have to do with it? As it turned out, the connection is direct – if new members are admitted to the alliance, our tourists will not return to Turkey and Europe soon. However, so far the signals from Brussels are encouraging. But from Moscow, no. Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that it is too early to open borders.


Those wishing to leave for other countries may find it useful to hear about the increase in the number of flights between Moscow and Minsk. As well as information about the appearance of connecting flights to Thessaloniki via Chisinau. We found out the prices and compared them with direct flights.


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