Entrepreneurs were given an unrealistic time to prepare for the program announced by the government

Organizers of children’s recreation report difficulties in connecting to the program of reimbursement to parents of 50% of the cost of vouchers. Due to the fact that the preparation Rostourism I took only the May holidays, when many banks are not working, it is impossible to meet the established deadline. In addition, incorrect numbers are used in the calculations, so not all parents will be able to receive the promised cashback.

Be in time before May 9

Not wanting to create an acute conflict with Rosturizm, entrepreneurs comment on the situation only on condition of anonymity.

“The President announced a 50% cashback for children’s holidays in specialized camps on April 21. On the 28th, Rosturizm held a video presentation, and we received a letter with the conditions for participation in the program only on April 27 at 22 o’clock – on the first and on April 30 at the same time – the second, with detailed instructions. We were given a deadline: we need to conduct a test transaction before May 9. However, they did not take into account that many children’s camps do not have Internet acquiring. Its installation will take on average 5 working days, while most banks will not work until May 11. It will also take another one or two working days to receive merchant codes from the bank, which are needed to identify transactions and accrue cashback to cards “Peace”… In addition, at least another 2-3 days are needed to create a page with a sales module and test the system’s operation, ”explained the owner of one of the children’s camps.


This information TourDom.ru was confirmed by his colleague from another region: the deadlines are too tight, if “for the first time”, then it is unrealistic to meet.

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However, Rosturizm itself clarifies that they sent the first letter with an invitation to participate in the program and a description of the main stages and conditions of connection late on Friday evening, April 23rd. The mailing was done on the base Ministry of Education, including registered camps. At the end of the text (available to the editors) Rosturizm warns that obtaining identifiers takes at least 2-3 working days. “In case of delay on the part of your bank, please be persistent” – stated in the letter. However, some market participants report that they were not on the mailing list and they received detailed instructions from Rostourism only on April 30.

Why prices will rise

Rostourism is also understandable. The President set a task for the government – by May 15, it is necessary to take measures to extend the cashback program until the end of the year, “providing at the same time during the summer holidays” 50% reimbursement of the cost of a tourist product for citizens purchasing vouchers for organizing recreation and health improvement of children.

On May 5, the Prime Minister recalled this Mikhail Mishustin – the report is needed by mid-May. So it’s no surprise that officials are in a rush: subsidized sales of children’s recreation are slated to begin on May 20.

However, the race leaves entrepreneurs in a vulnerable position. They are placed in such conditions when the only option to meet the deadline is to use the paid services of the technological partner of the program, the company TravelLine… It offers children’s camps two options for cooperation: an online booking module or an order management module. The commission, respectively, will be 4% and 0.5% of each transaction. Plus, in any case, another 3% must be paid for Internet acquiring, which, according to Travelline’s terms, is provided by a certain company. “Many market participants have never worked with online bookings and have not dealt with the issues of organizing payments. We can help them with this, including providing Internet acquiring through our official partner “Comfort Booking”… In partnership with them, we have been helping placements to participate from the very start of the promotion in 2020, ”explained TourDom.ru to TravelLine.

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As a result, a situation has developed in which children’s camps are forced to accept these conditions, incur unplanned costs and proportionally increase the cost of vouchers, which will be sold with cashback. “In practice, prices will rise by 10% as participation in the program and related reporting will require a dedicated staff member,” explains the camp owner.

Cashback is not for everyone

Compared to the 50% compensation promised by the president, this rise in price may not seem so significant. However, experts doubt that parents will really be able to get half the cost of the vouchers from the state. “According to the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, the government will allocate 5 billion rubles for these purposes, and this year 357 thousand children will have a rest on preferential terms. If you divide one by the other, you get 14 thousand rubles. At the same time, the average price of a two-week camp voucher for one child is 45 thousand rubles, ”the entrepreneurs share their calculations.

According to experts, the government proceeded from the data on the Ministry of Education about the average cost of a trip to camps in Russia at 20 thousand rubles, but this figure has little to do with reality. The number of young tourists is also underestimated. According to entrepreneurs’ estimates, about 2 million children annually rest in stationary country camps in Russia alone: ​​in order for their parents to receive cashback in the promised proportion, the state must spend at least 20 billion rubles.


However, it cannot be ruled out that the allocated 5 billion will not be used this year. After all, many parents have already paid for the summer vacation of their children. They will be able to use the cashback only if they first hand over and then redeem the vouchers using the Mir card. However, getting the money back is problematic, since the prepayments have already been spent on preparations for the season. In addition, the program applies only to stationary camps, tent camps for some reason were not included in it. You cannot get cashback for holidays in theme camps that are not included in the official registers of organizers of children’s recreation. And we must also take into account that due to the pandemic, many facilities have already been closed or repurposed. “As a result, I had to cancel the first shift, since I simply do not have time to ensure the arrival of children under the program with cashback,” one of the entrepreneurs noted. Summing up, he says that it is necessary to plan such actions in advance, involving specialists. Otherwise, millions of people will be disappointed.

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On the other hand, you have to start somewhere. “Of course, there are a lot of dissatisfied people. Of course, it would be better if the action was prepared in February, and not in May, because the parents have already planned the vacation. But who then knew how the situation with the pandemic would develop? This action is a good help, “said the vice president. RST Olga Sanaeva… Regarding the problems with connecting to the program, she said: the community is in constant contact with Rostourism, if necessary, the timing will probably be adjusted.

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