Travel News Digest Tuesday 6 July

The good news came from where it wasn’t expected. Rospotrebnadzor canceled two PCR tests upon their return to Russia for those who had been ill and vaccinated, and left only one for everyone else. “Uffa, a dozen in the family will remain after arrival from Turkey,” one of the subscribers to the “Roof of Turdom” expressed his common joy.


It can be assumed that in the near future, some indulgences await those who rest in Russia. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said he disapproves of the idea to restrict the movement of tourists between regions. The hoteliers of the Krasnodar Territory have already warned: there are almost no reservations for August, and they offered to allow not only those vaccinated, as planned, but also those who had a negative PCR test to move in from the 1st day.


The elements added to the problems. On July 6, the section of the federal highway Dzhubga – Sochi was closed due to flooding, eyewitnesses told us about the situation and bypass routes.


In Sochi itself, the weather has already returned to normal, the clearing of the beaches from dirt and debris is proceeding at a Stakhanov’s pace.


To international news. The Cuban authorities explain the mass imprisonment of tourists from Russia in quarantine by the outbreak of the Indian strain of the coronavirus.


The tense situation has led to restrictions on entry from Russia to Austria, Slovenia and Morocco. Bulgaria introduced PCR tests for Russians. But Germany, on the contrary, relaxed the rules by canceling quarantine for healthy Russians. Great Britain is on its way. How it happened, read our review.


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