Svetlana Balaeva, Minister of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Kuban, has resigned. This was reported on October 8 by local media.

Recall that immediately after the re-election in early October, the head of the region, Veniamin Kondratyev, carried out a number of personnel changes and announced the new composition of the government, in which Svetlana Balaeva was not. In the Ministry of Resorts of the region Profi.Travel confirmed that she left her post, having written a letter of resignation of her own free will. Balayeva’s successor has not yet been appointed, and it is not yet known who will fulfill her duties.

Svetlana Balaeva has worked at the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Kuban since March 2018. At first, she served as First Deputy Minister under Christopher Konstantinidi, and since February 2019, when he moved to work in the country’s government, she was appointed head of the ministry.

According to a representative of the local tourist business, who wished to remain anonymous, Balayeva will continue to work in the Anapa administration. She is promised the post of first deputy of the new mayor of Anapa, Vasily Shvets.

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