The tourism industry was stirred up by the news, seemingly not directly related to tourism: the day before, the President of Tanzania, John Magufuli, died. And now several questions have to be answered: is there really no coronavirus in Zanzibar, how the new head of state will be received and what will be his policy regarding the pandemic and the need for restrictive measures.

John Magufuli has repeatedly stated that there is no pandemic in Tanzania, therefore no lockdown has been introduced in the country, there is no mask regime, and no information or PCR tests are required from tourists. Back in April 2020, the country’s authorities stopped publishing official statistics of cases. However, now everything can change. The official cause of death of the Tanzanian leader is heart disease. Meanwhile, earlier the Kenyan edition of the Nation reported that “the leader of one of the African countries, who did not appear in public for about two weeks, was hospitalized with Covid-19 in a hospital in Nairobi” and is connected to a ventilator. The media are already circulating rumors that Magufuli died of an illness, which he denied.

So far, there are no political decisions regarding the fight against coronavirus, but tourists should take into account that a two-week mourning has been declared in the country – shows and loud music are prohibited, including at resorts.

Recall that last year Tanzania became one of the most popular destinations among Russians, the tourist flow increased 2.5 times, 43 thousand Russians visited the country. As previously reported by experts, for the past holidays, Zanzibar was also quite in demand, which is not surprising, given that charters fly to Zanzibar from the regions.

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