Travel News Digest Wednesday 5 May

News from the series “what they fought for …”: Rostourism asked hoteliers and tour operators to show social responsibility in matters of pricing policy. The reason was the abundance of incoming complaints about inadequate prices. Did anyone really think it would be different? The borders are locked, new hotels by the sea have not increased, but you want to rest on the beach in the summer, and prices are growing.


And if you also increase demand with cashback with a limited supply, they will soar even higher. E-economics. “Wolves, I urge you to refrain from eating meat”, – the subscribers of our telegram channel “Roof of the TourDoma” ironically.


And the ideas of some public organizations to “punish” overbooking in hotels are surprising at all.


However, not everything is so bad with the prices for vacations in Russia. For example, tickets to Crimea have now fallen in price, we have prepared an overview of the cost with departures from different cities.


Meanwhile, the eyes of many tourists are still directed towards Turkey. The president Recep Erdogan May 5 again phoned Vladimir Putin and expressed hope for the resumption of tourism. Do you think the restrictions on air transportation will be lifted after June 1? We hope too, as there are few alternatives. There are views of Greece, but while tour operators are forced to postpone the start of May tours.


The good news is related to Spain: Moscow will again begin to accept documents for visas, but with some reservations. And the visa centers of Bulgaria in the cities of Russia, as we reported earlier, have already started accepting applications from tourists since May 5.

For those who are ready to fly further, we advise you to pay attention to the Seychelles – airlines offer interesting options. And those who are going to Egypt should bear in mind that the country is stepping up the fight against coronavirus.


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