The representatives of the European Union do not exclude that the production of the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus will be launched in Europe. This was announced on March 17 by Thierry Breton, a member of the European Commission for the Internal Market.

“Among the vaccines – candidates for use in the European Union, of course, there is Sputnik V. This is definitely a good vaccine, and the Russians are good scientists. We have no reason to doubt this. However, we know that today they have difficulties with the production of this vaccine, and we see many questions about the use of the European industry for its production. Now almost all of our factories are engaged in the production of vaccines under our contracts, but we do not exclude the possibility of the production of a Russian drug in the EU countries, ”the MIR 24 TV channel quotes the expert.

Much in this matter depends on the certification of the Russian vaccine by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). According to Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, the agency “must as soon as possible register the Russian vaccine against coronavirus in the EU,” provided it is safe. The head of the Austrian government assured that the country is ready to use the drug immediately after certification.

Another factor that could speed up the adoption of this decision was the scandal with the vaccine of the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca. Due to side effects in the form of thrombosis, from which several patients died, its use was suspended in 19 countries of the European Union, including Austria. EMA is currently investigating the effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine on blood clots, a decision has yet to be made.

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We will remind, on the eve of the EU presented a draft of the so-called “green certificate” – a document that will allow tourists to enter the Schengen area. Anyone who is allowed to enter the European Union will be able to get it, and also meets one of three conditions. First of all, those who are vaccinated with a drug approved in one of the EU countries, including “Sputnik V”. And also those who have antibodies or a negative PCR test result.

Only important. For the pros only.

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