Travel enthusiast Olga shares her experience of traveling on a cruise ship, and tells how you can find a profitable sea trip.

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My name is Olga Aleshkevich. I am a cruise business entrepreneur and travel lover. My business activity takes place mainly online, so it has no framework and boundaries.

What is your experience of traveling on cruise ships?

I rested on cruise ships 2 times and I plan 2 more times this year after the borders of other countries open and ships begin to make their routes.

Are these sea cruises?

We are talking only about cruise liners (we do not consider ferries and motor ships). Cruise ships operate only on the seas and oceans.

Is it more profitable to buy a cruise on the websites of cruise companies or from agents?

As in all types of travel, independent bookings on online platforms are always more profitable for the money. Agents also need to pay a percentage for the service, and a good agent still needs to be looked for.

Where to look for great deals on cruise ships?

Favorable offers for cruises are available on several resources. If last-minute cruises in some directions suit you, then you can monitor the site

If you are planning your vacation, want to choose your own destinations, lines, ships, cabins at any time convenient for you, then the inCruises cruise club platform now provides the most favorable conditions and prices in the world, but for this you need to be a permanent member of the club. I have a club membership and can buy any cruises for myself at below last minute prices.

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Club membership implies that you need to be a permanent member of the club. You have joined the club for the purpose of traveling and using this online platform. There is a club discount, all prices are promotional prices.

InCruises Cruise Club Membership Terms

You need to accumulate $ 100 for yourself every month. Each member of the club has his own office, there is an account, and every month you need to pay this bill in the amount of $ 100. This money is converted into local currency – the cruise dollar. $ 100 is 200 cruise dollars. And with these cruise dollars you get a cruise, respectively, the prices are 2 times cheaper.

Prices for club members have excellent discounts up to 50% or 3-4 times cheaper than the prices of travel agencies. The result is $ 1,200 per year. This is an installment plan. The cruise can be purchased in 2 weeks. That is, you joined the club and after 2 weeks you can purchase a cruise.

interview about a cruise ship trip

What points to look for when choosing a cruise ship tour?

  • When choosing a cruise, pay attention to which countries it comes to in order to make yourself the appropriate visas.
  • Expect to pay a service charge of approximately € 8-10 per night. Holidays on cruise ships are considered elite, service and services are of the highest level, therefore, it is customary to pay tips there.
  • When choosing cabins, pay attention to the number of storeys in order to avoid the view from the window to the boat.
  • At the reception, I always solve and clarify all the questions that interest me, both on paid and free events, as well as on excursions and movements in cities.
  • In fact, there are plenty of different moments for each ship and route. All the nuances need to be clarified after you have chosen a ship and a direction for yourself.
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What is the cost of a cruise?

The cost of the cruise consists of the cost of the route + port dues + taxes (which depend on the port, staying time in ports, from the cruise company, etc.). We pay the service fee (tip) after the cruise on the ship itself.

What is included in the cruise price?

The cruise price includes:

  • accommodation in a cabin
  • meals in the assigned restaurant
  • round-the-clock buffet
  • evening daily shows of the highest level, discos, entertainment events
  • movement itself
  • many services (depending on the category of the purchased cabin)
  • may include unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and many others.

travel on a cruise ship of the seas

travel on a large cruise ship

What is paid separately on the cruise?

These can include sightseeing tours, alternative restaurants, soft drinks and spirits, laundry services, spa treatments, and gratuities.

What visas are needed for a cruise?

For a cruise, you need those visas, depending on which countries the liner visits. These questions specifically need to be clarified with the cruise companies themselves. It all depends on the country of residence, nationality, etc.

What is a cruise card and what is it for?

The cruise card is your pass, credit card and key together. On the ship itself and in the port, you only use the cruise card.

Do the liners have internet?

The Internet is available via satellite connection when the liner is at sea. Near the coast, you can use the Internet via a European SIM card.

It should be noted that satellite communications are very expensive. The price is different everywhere. But if the cabin is expensive, then the Internet may be included in the price. It all depends on the liner.

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cruise club incruises

Average cruise price.

Cruise cost is a loose concept. It can range from $ 100 to $ 40,000.

It all depends on the cruise company, the category of the chosen cabin, and the duration of the route. But now cruise vacations are definitely cheaper by 30 -50% than usual classic hotel vacations, but in terms of service, impressions, service they are many levels higher.

Your advice for cruise travelers.

The advice for traveling on a cruise ship is – be prepared for the fact that you plunge into a fairy tale. That you will catch this virus after your first stay. Take your whole family with you on your trip. Relations are restored there, you are charged with special energy, everyone rests there – both children and adults from children) There you heal and get the brightest and most lasting impressions!

For more information, you can visit the cruise forum –, where you will find reviews of sea and river cruises.

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Interviewed by Olga Avrakh
Photo by Olga Aleshkevich

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