Travel News Digest Tuesday 6 October

Against the background of fears of a second wave of coronavirus, the authorities of some regions of our country are resuming quarantine restrictions. So, in the Stavropol Territory, patrols are organized at the borders of the region, from October 7 for visitors who do not have a local registration, a mandatory 14-day self-isolation is provided. For violation – administrative responsibility. Does this rule apply to organized tourists arriving at sanatoriums? Will it not lead to disruption of travel to spa treatment? We have specified in the Federal Agency for Tourism.


And the governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev intends from October 12 to ban public events in the city, including tourist ones. Well at least the guests had time to take part in the harvest and wine festival and the closing of the sailing regatta held last weekend. Whether other holidays of interest to travelers are scheduled for autumn, which can now be canceled, – asked the representatives of the tourist business of Sevastopol.


To other topics. Favorable price offers have appeared on the Turkish direction: tours can actually be bought for less than 15 thousand rubles. per person. What is the reason for the attraction of unprecedented generosity and what service can be counted on for that kind of money, representatives of travel companies have clarified.


The high tourist season in Turkey is coming to an end, but in Cuba, on the contrary, waiting for the start. The country’s authorities are ready to open the Varadero resort for travelers since mid-October, we tell you what restrictions guests of the Island of Freedom will have to observe on vacation. Air carriers affiliated with some tour operators have already received permits for flights to Cuba, the problem is that an agreement on the resumption of flights between our countries has not yet been reached.

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And liners from Russia have been flying to the Maldives for more than a week. In September, our tourists even managed to come out on top in terms of the number of people who visited the archipelago from different countries. How are the sales of tours for November, we found out in travel companies.


It is also interesting to read: from part-time jobs to austerity – how travel agents survive in difficult times for the travel industry. Travel agent for five years in prison – for damage to clients in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. Who is responsible for stealing a luxury car from a Radisson hotel parking lot? Fight for passengers – Pobeda Airlines has doubled the baggage allowance.

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