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The regions of Russia must take the same measures to counter the coronavirus that have already been introduced in Moscow. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikovaspeaking on June 23 at a meeting with the president Vladimir Putin… Regional administrations began to react even before this call, sometimes surpassing their colleagues in Moscow, where from the 28th, unvaccinated guests cannot appear in restaurants and cafes. For example, in Buryatia, in the next two weeks, they ordered to close everything in general, with the exception of shops, pharmacies, transport and vital enterprises. The media is already calling Buryatia the first region to introduce a full lockdown this year. The Moscow region has so far limited only the settlement in hotels and the work of restaurants.


Earlier, anti-coronavirus restrictions were tightened in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Karelia, as well as in the Crimea and the Kaliningrad region, where employees of the travel industry were obliged to vaccinate. We can assume that in the coming days there will be examples in other regions, therefore, tourists planning a vacation in Russia should take into account possible inconveniences and carefully calculate the risks.


But the Kremlin has no plans to introduce a lockdown at the federal level yet, the media reported, citing the presidential press secretary. Dmitry Peskov… They also do not plan to restrain the flow of tourists to Crimea, the situation with the coronavirus, according to Tatiana Golikova, there is under control.


But foreign tourism in the country’s leadership is unequivocally considered a risky business. Rest abroad Tatiana Golikova called everyone’s personal responsibility.


Other news that deserve attention. Mouzenidis Travel Greece extended the forced pause for receiving tourists in Greece. The company, according to the Greek media, went to court for protection from creditors and is looking for an investor.


Experts are waiting for clarity on flights to resorts in Bulgaria – they sell tickets there for 60 thousand rubles. so far only Aeroflot… The intrigue is that all the airline’s capacities were thrown onto Turkey, where dozens of aircraft from Russia are received every day. At the same time, tourists are warned: upon arrival, they may be asked to re-test for coronavirus.


Be prepared for the potential consequences. Rostourism asks tour operators to “more actively” fulfill previously unfulfilled obligations to tourists. The regulator estimated the amount at only 7 billion rubles. According to a number of observers, it is significantly underestimated.


Senators proposed to automatically include children’s camps in the cashback program
Federation Council approved a law allowing farmers to receive tourists
Sochi hotels will not reduce prices due to open Turkey

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