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On the eve of summer, the inevitable is increasingly common in travel news: 90% of fellow citizens do not even think about a foreign vacation in the summer. Well, that is, thoughts about him, perhaps, are, but they are hidden somewhere far away. It’s not even about where to rest. Based on the survey results “” and “”, half of its participants have no plans at all to go anywhere. Maybe there are other priorities, or maybe there is simply no money to spend a vacation outside the apartment or summer cottage.


The preferences of the rest are clear and without questioning – they will go to the sea. Moreover, this place is unlikely to be in Kamchatka, where the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko recently announced plans to invest in infrastructure and reduce prices for visiting the Valley of Geysers. Do tourists really need them?


Those who are going to the more popular resorts of Russia should know: you may still find cheap flights for August. Because we have a lot of airlines and there are even plans to create a new low-cost airline to compete with “Victory”… But with good hotels near the warm sea, it is more difficult. Compared to last year, the cost of living has skyrocketed by 20-30%, or even 100%.


Gelendzhik is already being compared to Monaco. Curb prices Rostourism wants with the help of the tourists themselves, urging them to complain through the strange site shtasturizm.rf about an “unreasonable” increase. What is the fault of the hoteliers reacting to the increased demand is not clear. What do you want, like in the USSR? Then hello, shortage, signs “no places” and rest in the chicken coops.


Tour operators, however, appeal to the conscience of hoteliers in resort regions: there is a chance to raise domestic tourism, tourists need to smile, and not tear three skins off them. And then, perhaps, they will come again – already of their own free will.


You don’t think anything like that. There is good news, too. Parents who paid for summer holidays in children’s camps, despite fears, will be able to receive cashback “retroactively”. By the way, on average, parents spend about 30 thousand rubles.


In conclusion, to international topics. On Tuesday, the depth of the abyss separating Belarus from Europe increased. After a forced landing incident Ryanair The EU has closed its airspace for Belarusian carriers.


Belavia cancels flights, is preparing to lay off staff and cut salaries, and the company’s clients, apparently, have to get used to flying through Moscow and Chisinau. For Kiev is in solidarity with Europe and also “closed”. Such is the sad reality.

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