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  • A letter confirming that a person can enter the Kingdom (Certificate of Entry – COE).
  • Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 was not detected by PCR no later than 72 hours before departure.
  • An insurance policy covering health and medical expenses or any other insurance, including a COVID-19 case, for the entire duration of the traveler’s stay in the Kingdom, in the amount of at least US $ 100,000.
  • Proof of payment for accommodation and four PCR tests, indicating a minimum stay of 14 days in a hotel or accommodation registered under the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Tourism of Thailand. In the event that the traveler has been in the Kingdom for less than 14 days, an airline ticket must be provided indicating the date of departure from the Kingdom. Confirmation of payment for accommodation and the cost of PCR tests during this time.
  • Documents or certificates of vaccination (Certificate of Vaccination) completed in accordance with the criteria set by the manufacturer of the vaccine, and it must be a vaccine registered under the Medicines Act or certified by the World Health Organization, or as prescribed by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Thailand , at least 14 days before departure.

Persons under the age of 18 who are not eligible for vaccinations and who are traveling with a parent or guardian must have a medical certificate. A medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 was not detected by PCR at least 72 hours before travel.

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Screening for respiratory symptoms and testing for fever at the international port of entry and exit from the country / region of origin.

1) Symptomatic verification measures and immigration formalities

1.1) If entering the Kingdom on a direct flight from abroad, the tourist will be screened for respiratory problems and fever and submit documents to the competent official or infectious disease control officer to complete immigration formalities.

1.2) In case of entering another airport in Thailand for subsequent transfer to a flight to Phuket, the traveler can be examined both in Phuket and at the airport where the transfer will be performed.

2) The traveler must constantly use the mobile application to track the location, as well as monitor the health status during the traveler’s stay in the pilot tourist province.

3) Departure from the airport to the hotel or other accommodation facility is made in a specially equipped vehicle without stopping along the way

4) It is necessary to pass the test for COVID-19 by the PCR method at your own expense in a place determined by the state:

4.1) The first PCR test must be done upon arrival in the Kingdom. It is forbidden to travel outside the hotel until results have been obtained confirming that there is no COVID-19 infection.

4.2) Additional PCR tests are required in the following cases:

In the case of a stay in the Kingdom no more than 7 days, a second infection test must be carried out between 6-7 days of stay.

In case of stay in the Kingdom for 10-14 days, the second test is carried out between 6-7 days and the third time between 12-13 days of the period of stay or in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

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In the event of a positive PCR test, the hotel or other accommodation facility will coordinate the traveller’s transfer to a medical facility. Examination and treatment must be covered by insurance, and all costs in excess of the insured amount are borne by the traveler

5) In the event that a traveler leaves the hotel or accommodation after receiving positive PCR test results, they must report their return to the hotel every day as ordered by the Infectious Disease Control Officer. No overnight stays other than the designated hotel or accommodation, and strict adherence to public health measures as prescribed by the government during your stay in the pilot province for tourism.

6) If the traveler is in the pilot tourist province for less than 14 days, he is strictly prohibited from leaving the pilot tourist province, and after the specified period, he should immediately leave the Kingdom.

7) If the traveler has been in the pilot tourist province for at least 14 days, he / she is allowed to travel outside the pilot tourist province after the specified period.

Measures before leaving the Kingdom or leaving the pilot province for tourism to other provinces of the Kingdom

  • It is necessary to pass one more PCR test at your own expense.
  • In case the traveler travels to another province of the Kingdom, he must present proof of residence in the pilot province, as well as the results of all PCR tests done in Phuket.

For travelers arriving between 00:01 and 18:00, the arrival date will be considered the first day of their stay.

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For travelers arriving between 6:01 pm and midnight (00:00 am), the official period of stay does not start until the next day.

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