Rostourism is working with tour operators on the possibility of setting up direct charter programs in 12 regions of Russia in the summer season of 2021. Elena Lysenkova, Head of the Department of State Tourism Projects and Tourism Safety of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm), spoke about this in a live broadcast of the opening of the Know Nashe online exhibition, organized by the Profi.Travel media holding.

“The first charter programs to Russian regions were launched last summer, and we saw significant demand. In particular, the program of flights to Baikal, to Buryatia, was continued, – said Elena Lysenkova. “We made sure that charters allow market participants to“ pack ”tourism products at a guaranteed low price, which is a very important factor in the development of domestic tourism. In addition, large tour operators, entering the region, act as experts, declare high requirements and increase the level of tourist services. “

Currently, according to a representative of Rostourism, work is underway to set up charter programs in 12 regions of Russia. Now the department plans to continue the program of subsidizing charter transportation, which will significantly reduce the cost of tours.

“For the new season, we are preparing charters at 12 main points of attraction, so that the residents of Russia can see for themselves how rich our country is. This is not only the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, but also the Stavropol Territory, the resorts of the North Caucasus, the regions of the Middle Belt, as well as the Ural region, says Elena Lysenkova. – As for the program of subsidizing charter flights, it will be continued. The documents have already been approved by the Ministry of Finance and are undergoing further approval. We hope that it will be ready in the near future ”.

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According to Ms. Lysenkova, the subsidy program will allow not only to increase the flow of tourists to new regions, but also to expand the boundaries of the season in already popular destinations, in particular the Russian south.

In addition, in the season of 2021, a new tourist product will appear on the Russian market: rail cruises on charter trains. Russians are generally positive about rail travel, this type of travel is associated with romance and nostalgic memories, and the current level of service in rail transport allows us to create a comfortable and high-quality tourist product.

Participants of the online broadcast noted that the PCT experts visited one of these cruises in March, on the route of which Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan were, and the trip received very high marks from professionals.

Thus, the summer season of 2021 will be fundamentally different from 2020, the representative of Rostourism noted.

“We started 2020 in a completely different state. There was a lot of unknown, there were restrictions on travel to the region, closed accommodation facilities. But that year we were able to enrich ourselves with a lot of new knowledge and skills, and now we can confidently say that the summer season of 2021 will be completely different, ”added Elena Lysenkova.

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