Digest of travel news from June 15

The third Tuesday of June can rightfully bear the title of the day Zarina Doguzova… Chapter Rostourism gave a detailed interview, in which she answered a large number of questions and posed them even more. One of the most discussed topics was the message of Zarina Doguzova that her department had applied to the headquarters of the Russian Federation with a request to inform the Russians in advance about making decisions on the opening of tourist destinations. For example, Rosturizm asks to clarify when the restrictions on flights to Turkey will be lifted.


Zarina Doguzova gave more information on the national project “Tourism and hospitality industry”. For example, she told when it will start working in full force and what programs are being implemented now. The first, of course, remembered the action with the tourist cashback. Starting from June 15, parents can already apply for a refund for the rest of their children in the camps. On this occasion, Rosturizm has drawn up a detailed memo to whom, where and with what documents to go. We recommend reading if you have any questions.


Finally, on a hot day, Zarina Doguzova left the situation with occupancy in hotels on the Black Sea coast. According to her, there are practically no vacancies there. But even with overcrowded hotels, Russian airlines continue to ramp up their programs south. According to the Sochi and Simferopol airports, the slots for receiving the aircraft are almost over, and the carriers are insisting on new flights. Due to the current situation, the Crimean air complex had to allocate the international zone of the terminal for receiving domestic flights.


As you can see, the situation in Crimea is heating up. But the weather is not. Rains and squally winds are expected here all week. So, instead of sunbathing, tourists on the peninsula are advised to take the usual ones in their own rooms. Also this week in Crimea, they are discussing reviews of tourists about Mriya Resort & SPA… The hotel unexpectedly received a devastating review from one of the tourists on Instagram. Moreover, the response was so bright that not only travel agents, but also Mriya’s managers drew attention to it. In particular, the girl did not like the appraising looks of the hotel staff. Apparently, she never spoke with the saleswomen at Pyaterochka. For details on the link – in our material.


In the end, we will delight those who are already tired of domestic tourism and prefer foreign holidays. On Tuesday, two countries at once made it easier for Russian citizens to enter. In particular, they began to enter Jordan on the basis of the Sputnik V vaccination certificate. At the same time, vaccinated tourists were exempted from the mandatory PCR test upon arrival. In addition, new entry rules entered into force in Morocco on June 15. To cross the border, Russians just need to present a negative PCR test for coronavirus or a vaccination certificate. Sputnik V is also allowed.


If such good news suddenly prompts tourists from Moscow to immediately purchase tours, then do not forget about the long weekend in the capital. Before you go to the office for a ticket, check if there are employees there or if they work remotely.


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