The head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova urged Russians to pay attention to the epidemiological situation when planning trips and take precautions.

“As far as the choice of certain regions is concerned, there is a website where you can see the dynamics. And in accordance with this, make a decision whether to go on a trip or not, ”she added. If quarantine has been introduced in the region where the trip is planned, tourists should pay attention to the terms of the agreement, Doguzova explained.

At the same time, according to the head of Rostourism, restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic should not affect the start of the second stage of the cashback program. “We will monitor the situation and respond promptly. While everything is in force, in work, we work with the industry 24/7 to start on October 15 and give the opportunity to travel more affordable, ”she said.

Doguzova recalled that back in the summer, when the tourist season was launched, all the necessary safety measures were worked out – all industry participants have recommendations and protocols. “These measures allowed us to pass the holiday season very smoothly. All of this continues to operate. The hotels continue to operate taking into account the measures developed, ”the head of the regulator emphasized.

The second sales window for the cashback promotion should open on October 15th. Its conditions have been updated: the minimum trip duration has been reduced from four to two days, a 20% refund applies to tours of any value, the maximum cashback amount has been increased to 20 thousand rubles. Tours purchased under the promotion, which will last until December 5, can be carried out until January 10, 2021.

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True, in the face of a growing COVID-19 incidence curve in Russia and after recommendations from the head of Rostourism (pay attention to the epidemiological situation and the agreement), experts fear that the demand for rest among Russians, even for a share, may fall, but there is still hope for the New Year holidays.

Only important. For the pros only.

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