Rosturizm expects that the third “sales window” for cashback shares will open in February, while it will take the industry another year or two to return to pre-crisis indicators, but there are already very few debts to tourists.

“We would like to continue this most requested support measure this year. [кешбэк, — Ред.], it was highly appreciated by both business and tourists. We have already prepared the rules for the submission of this subsidy, we hope to start in February with the next third stage of the tourist cashback, ”said the head of the department Zarina Doguzova, adding that the main conditions of the program will be the same as in the second stage, which took place in October-December 2020 g.

However, as Profi.Travel wrote earlier, there are small, but important changes in the plans – joining the campaign of companies involved in organizing children’s recreation and their health improvement. But the most important amendment that the retail market hoped for – the ability of travel agents to participate in the program directly, and not through tour operators – did not appear in the document.

Although cashback contributes to the restoration of domestic tourism, it still takes more time. “According to the results of last year, it was possible to restore the domestic tourist flow by almost 60%. This is actually a very good result, if you look at the whole world, how the countries got out of the crisis. It is not for nothing that we have entered the top three European countries in terms of the rate of recovery of domestic tourism, ”Doguzova recalled, noting that it is too early to talk about a return to pre-crisis indicators. “Domestic tourism is likely to fully recover in 2022, international tourism in 2023,” she said. At the same time, the expert noted that the cities suffered the most from the pandemic, while the resorts are doing much better: “According to our data, at the end of the year, about 70% of resort territories recovered, while in large cities the decline was more significant and they recovered much less. Taking into account the expected growth, the most demanded resort areas, perhaps already this year, will approach the full restoration of domestic tourism, “the head of Rostourism summed up.

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She also said that tour operators have reduced the debt to tourists for tours that did not take place due to the pandemic from more than 40 billion to 16 billion rubles. “I believe that we did a very good job, better than many countries in the world, not a single major tour operator left the market,” Doguzova said. “Those obligations that were not fulfilled last year for obvious reasons due to the fact that many countries were closed, I am sure this year will be fulfilled, and business will continue its work, and consumers, our citizens, will either receive money or necessarily a service that the business had to provide last year, ”the expert concluded.

Only important. For the pros only.

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