Rostourism must decide on the main list of regions where subsidized charters will go in the upcoming summer season, by April 5, 2021. The department should work out the subsidy program jointly with the Ministry of Finance, as well as representatives of interested regions. This is stated in the order of the government, signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“Rosturizm (ZV Doguzova), the Ministry of Finance of Russia (A.G. Siluanov): Together with the interested federal executive bodies of the Russian Federation and organizations, to work out the issue of determining priority tourist destinations in order to reimburse part of the costs of tour operators for the implementation of internal charter programs and report the results to the Government of the Russian Federation. The deadline is April 5, 2021, ”the document says.

Earlier, official representatives of Rostourism have already announced their readiness to deliver direct charter flights to 12 regions of the country. During the online exhibition “Know Our 2021” this was confirmed and Elena Lysenkova, head of the department of state tourism projects and tourism safety. According to her, the subsidy program has already been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

She also added that charter flights are one of the conditions for the rapid growth of domestic tourist traffic, since they allow for a lower cost of tours compared to regular transportation.

Tour operators have also readily accepted the idea of ​​a large-scale charter program in the domestic market. General Director of TUI Russia Taras Demura previously announced that the tour operator is ready to deliver charter flights to 20 Russian destinations, including the regions of Siberia. This information was confirmed by the press service of the company, but it also noted that none of the tour operators who organized charter programs in Russia in 2020 have received subsidies, the payment of which was promised by the regulator.

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Profi.Travel confirmed and Deputy General Director of ANEX Tour Yana Muromova. According to her, few of the tour operators are ready to set up charters for new domestic directions until the issue of compensation for last year’s expenses is resolved. Nevertheless, the discussion of the programs is ongoing, the representative of ANEX Tour noted.

In Rosturizm, the delay in payments is explained by the novelty of the subsidy program itself: the regulator, physically, did not have time to solve a number of technical issues, which led to delays in funds. At the same time, tour operators have already been promised that payments for 2020 will be made on a priority basis, as soon as the resolution on subsidies passes all stages of approval.

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