As Profi.Travel was told in Rosturizm, in the first five days of the site mirputestviy.rf, a significant part of the problems that market participants noticed in the first days of the action were solved. For example, we took into account a comment from hoteliers, who noticed that the proposals of tour operators in some cases duplicated their own product. This collision initially arose due to the fact that tour operators were able to add tourism products in both categories: “tours” and “hotels”.

The discussion on social networks caused a discrepancy between the prices on the website of the cashback program and in the search engine of the service provider, noticed by the agents. The Federal Tourism Agency explained: the tariff change occurs at the moment when the buyer chooses the travel dates. Of course, the price for the New Year will be several times higher than in the off-season. At the same time, the department, at the request of tourists, selectively controls the correctness of the proposals provided: so that tours and hotel rooms on a cashback basis correspond to identical offers on the suppliers’ websites.

The Federal Tourism Agency also commented on the lack of search by arrival date and tour duration, which worries industry participants.

“The system does not provide sorting by dates and duration of the trip. We deliberately provided the tourist with a choice of program partners, and then he decides from whom he books a hotel or buys a tour, and goes to the website of this company, independently setting up a search in accordance with his requests, “explained Elena Lysenkova, Head of the Department of State Tourism Projects and Tourism Safety.

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She added that Rostourism is on a daily basis improving the functionality of the site, taking into account all the details and recommendations from both the participants and the citizens of our country planning trips under the Program.

Another criticism was the lack of marketing support for the second sales window. Irina Mashtakova, General Director of ANCOR noted that if before the first stage of the cashback program, information about it did not leave the TV screens, then this time tour operators are forced to promote the action on their own on their advertising platforms.

However, there are other opinions as well. “The campaign itself, within the framework of which a part of the amount paid for the tour is returned to tourists, attracted the attention of many to trips across Russia, and therefore to all program participants without exception. In addition, this time we see more active bookings – this is probably due to the fact that Rosturizm listened to the recommendations of the tourist business and removed restrictions on the dates and prices of the trip, reduced its duration to a minimum, increased the duration of the promotion and the period of arrivals. This has significantly expanded the range of offers that fall under the action “, – she summed up Olga Ivanova, head of the PR department of TUI Russia.

Only important. For the pros only.

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