The law on rural tourism is planned to be adopted by the end of the spring session of the State Duma (by July 18, 2021), write April 26 Izvestia. The document has been finalized taking into account the government’s comments.

According to the new version, the draft law fixes the definition of “rural tourism” – this is visiting rural areas, small towns with a population of up to 50 thousand people with the provision of services for temporary accommodation, meals, leisure activities, excursions and other services. It is assumed that this concept will also include cultural tourism, ethnographic, gastronomic, event, agricultural and other types of tourism in rural areas. At the same time, when organizing a new type of recreation, accommodation places will not belong to hotels, the requirements for them will be set by the government.

As for measures to support rural tourism, the government will hold all-Russian, interregional events, and the Ministry of Agriculture has already developed a departmental project “Development of rural tourism (agritourism) in the Russian Federation”, for which it is planned to allocate money in 2022. Regions and local governments will be responsible for implementation of support measures.

“The bill needs to be passed. This is a promising area all over the world, but in our country it is, unfortunately, very poorly developed, ”said First Deputy Chairman of the Fair Russia faction Mikhail Emelyanov.

According to, First Deputy Chairman of the United Russia faction Adalbi Shkhagosheva, this is a very important document that will contribute to the development of not only the tourism industry. “In my opinion, it has three important aspects. Firstly, it is the economy of rural areas, which will grow with the advent of this type of tourism. Secondly, it is the history and culture of a particular area, which will be recognized by citizens. Thirdly, ecology, Russians will be able to relax in clean, non-gassed places, eat organic food, ”he said.

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Only important. For the pros only.

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