The issue of charters to the resorts of Tunisia is not yet on the agenda, since regular flights between the countries have been completely suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, a source familiar with the situation told Profi.Travel.

According to the sequence of actions, regular flights must first be resumed, and then the next step may be to open charter chains, the source said.

Let’s remind, February 10 Russian Ambassador to Tunisia Sergei Nikolaev said in an interview with RIA that the Tunisian authorities have turned to the Russian side with a proposal to resume charter flights with resorts in the Mediterranean.

“It will be possible to talk about charter flights only after the opening of regular flights, but so far this issue has not even been discussed at the headquarters,” the source said.

He also admitted that the resumption of flights to Tunisia is most likely to follow the same pattern as the resumption of flights to the UAE. First, these were regular flights from Moscow to Dubai, and then – charter or cargo-passenger flights from the regions. Later, the Federal Air Transport Agency issued a NOTAM telegram prohibiting the formation of a tourist product on the basis of cargo-passenger flights, however, an exception was made for charters to Dubai, and such tours are being implemented to this day.

Russia and Tunisia have been negotiating at a high level for some time on the issue of resuming flights, Nezhi Guider, the tourism representative of the Tunisian Embassy in Russia, told Profi.Travel. According to him, the country’s authorities are striving to start receiving Russian tourists in the summer season of 2021.

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“All Tunisian hotels are now implementing strict security protocols, including restricting occupancy rates, wearing masks and disinfecting rooms, so we can guarantee the health of tourists. And for us, a good signal is the receipt of admissions for flights to Tunisia by the Russian airline Aeroflot. This is a sign that the process is moving towards the full resumption of air traffic, ”said Nezhy Guider.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Tunisia, 220,000 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported. Currently, about one thousand new cases are recorded daily with negative dynamics. Until recently, foreign tourists were only required to provide a negative PCR test to enter the country. However, in February 2021, this requirement was replaced by mandatory self-isolation for a period of 7 days with retesting. The Tunisian Embassy expressed confidence that this measure will soon be canceled.

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